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  1. Doesn't it have an identical feature for using gold to convert xp to freexp aswell? Anyway i reckon it's just a QOL change for the hordes who like to spend large amounts of gold. I read somewhere that WGs largest source of income is players converting gold to credits (but i don't know how accurate that is). It surprised me at first but the more i thought about it the more i realized it makes sense. Imagine how long it takes for bad players to grind not just XP but credits to get new tanks, and how little credits they make in higher tiers even without shooting prem ammo. Then think about how much premium ammo many bad players shoot and you can imagine their credit expenditure. Unrelated cat pic <3 BF:V
  2. Agree with hall0 above. Seems like SS has taken the approach of WG that the evil elitists are only thinking about themselves and therefore their opinions have no value. Severogorsk is definitely among my least favourite maps, mostly i try to do something in the middle because my brain starts to hurt when i do too much peekaboo in corridors where the only thing that matters is how many tanks you have there and how much arty decides to focus you (usually a lot). It might not have been a good map before but it was at least decent and i had some fun sniping early and it could be pretty fun lategame. I sort of agree with you regarding Hidden Village and the open zones on either side of the village, but for me the problem isn't so much that i can't attack after winning the village, but rather that i can not retreat if we are losing the village for whatever reason, usually that reason being the enemy sent more tanks there than us. The west is a boring lane where everybody with TMA (too much alpha) goes and is generally boring and you will die quickly if you are frontline unless in a very tanky heavy and arty for some reason decides to ignore you.
  3. You should have camo on at least 4/5 crew members. I would take recon on the commander if i had camo on the rest of the crew.
  4. I see the meta shifting more towards heavies/arty/high-alphaTDs, with the corridor maps becoming more prevalent mediums and lights have a much harder time because they can't really use their accuracy/dpm/camo effectively. Your team will still melt like always, the only question is what you can do in the meantime. On many maps the answer seems to be fuck-all if you're in a medium or light.
  5. I honestly don't care what anybody says on the internet with the intent to offend. Sure offending people in general is bad but it's not like people should take what somebody hundreds of miles away is writing at their computer seriously. When somebody wants to offend somebody they will just pick whatever will push the other's buttons and roll with it. I sure don't care what some half-wit writes to me on the internet, nor should you or anybody else. Racism isn't something written at a computer to piss somebody off, and political correctness is just the idiots way of thinking they are helping solve an important issue when in reality they are at best sugar coating things. Sure you can ban people for offending another, but what is really offensive? That is completely subjective to the offended, which is problematic. Where do we draw the line? I don't think we can. Anyway I hope this mod fails because it's just a stupid "solution" to a non-problem. If you don't want to see shit written in chat just use chat filter or even make a better chat filter mod, that would be acceptable. Making a mod to report&ban people months/years after they wrote one thing that is deemed "unforgivable" by the annointed SS is beyond stupid.
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