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  1. kjq8OJt.pngI made this pic on the 8th of Nov 2015. It's aged well. 

    1. Tedster59
    2. kolni


      oh look it's me

  2. Managed to read your thread even though it was broken, if you were on the Symphony last Sunday/Monday (8th or 9th of July) then me and my gf would have been about 10 miles away staring at it in awe, funny old life. Glad you're doing well!

  3. M0iT5Fh.png

    #Levels #75PercentOfThatWasNotHacked

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    2. Gashtag


      Holy shit all the negs hahaha, not even joking this is quite funny :D


    3. TheMarine0341
    4. TheMarine0341
  4. On a scale of arsehole to satan, how bad of a human being are you if you bang your girlfriend's sister?


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    2. BiggieD61


      Hopefully the girlfriend isn't someone you run into often around town - or her mom and dad.  I was in this situation once, and it ended ..... poorly.  Thankfully for you, Euro's aren't casual gun owners like here in the US.

    3. orzel286


      The "at this point" part gives me some hope that you'll deliver. My fap folder is ready. :disco:

    4. MAJEST1C


      Gash pls teach us senpai 

    1. Folterknecht


      I 'd like to have these kind of problems.

  5. @Siimcy so there's this guy at my work called Forhad... Every time I see his name in an email or message all I can thinking of is 4Head.


    And then today I took that to the next level and called him 4Head. 

    1. Siimcy


      Dank memes at work PogChamp 4Head

  6. @Deusmortis I'm moving to Amsterdam next week, #1 you mad bro? :D #2 Any advice? (applies to whole of this site too I guess)

    1. Deusmortis


      1.  No.

      2.  Smoke week errday.  

  7. Anyone here a grime fan? 

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    2. CoolOff


      I'm a Grimes fan.:ohnyes:

    3. Gashtag


      At first you think it's cancer, but then you realise just how hard and deep his barz are violating man... The scene is fucking fire right now

    4. Private_Miros


      I don't dislike it, and my musical background is enough to see the complexity in it, but still, to listen too, meh.

  8. "A big thanks to the authors @weenis@Kolni and @Joyrider216."





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    2. PityFool



      my bad.... Was meant to include your tag lel... I didn't forget the tag in the main article :doge: 

    3. weenis


      rekt bruh

    4. Gashtag


      hahahah nah it's okay boys, banter or forgetfulness I still laughed :D

  9. Finally finished writing my first Android app, thanks for teaching me, Google.

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    2. CoolOff


      That last one hit way too close to home. :feelsbad: 


    3. kolni


      Look at the brightside Cool, home's going to be closer to me :D 

    4. CoolOff


      That's a bright side? :doge:

  10. All it takes to unite the world....



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    2. hallo1994


      And this is why I stopped using Facebook. 

    3. Serene_Potato


      top two looks like twitter to me.

    4. BlackAdder


      Yep and rest FB :) 

  11. Been up since 3:30AM to watch the Lakers game... Fucking glad I did

    1. Snoregasm2


      And miss history actually happening with the Warriors getting to 73 wins? Bad choice man.

  12. jesus tittyfucking christ that grand finale.... GG NaVI. Well thrown HR XD

    1. Gashtag


      TFW for applewow, that 3v1 clutch at the start and then derping 75,000 USD away at the end. X fucking D.

    2. Fulcrous



  13. Dear any PHP coders, pls give help. 

    1. tomhwk


      I'm currently taking a php class in school, and it makes me angry. LOL

    2. DeltaVolt


      PHP is not so bad usually unless you're dealing with databases.

    3. Gashtag


      From my experience tonight trying to fix a friend's IndianDeveloped(TM) WordPress website... Don't bother with PHP, ever.


  14. Me to some grill on tinder:

    "...I know some Norwegian..."
    "But not enough. Then you would've written; Jeg kan faktisk en del norsk."
    "Don't wanna brag but I think Hæstkuk is way cooler than that"
    "KEEP THAT FILTHY NORTHERN NORWEGIAN SLAND AWAY FROM ME. Northern boys are just fucking trouble."

    @CandyVanMan @MissNurkie

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    2. Zinn


      Just tell her about the joys of hestepik instead :doge::serb:

    3. MissNurki


      Norlænning master race.

    4. kolni


      Ask her if she knows Breivik :doge: 

  15. So Garbad got banned from the AW forums

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    2. Crossfader


      @MacusFlash 10/10 would read again

    3. sr360


      Triple kill?

    4. Tedster59



      was bound to happen eventually though.

  16. @Siimcy

    See I told you, it'll get back up there ;). It's funny how quickly this thing goes through cash. Had 6M yesterday, bought this thing, played a few games and now 40k again... GG


  17. what can £4000 get you with a gaming PC nowadays?

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    2. KingYoshiLuca


      Why don't you wait for the new GPU's in half a year?

    3. Assassin7


      Shade at a gaming convention last year there was a 4K PC with dual 970s running WoT at 100FPS maxed - I even checked the resolution, it was 4K. 

      I think it was a 4820K, 16GB, and 2 970s

    4. Shade421


      It may have been one of the random patches that forcing SLI/Crossfire actually worked on. It's happened a couple time over the years. I know that one of my GPU's is more powerful than a single 970, and I'm on an i7-4790K with 16gb of 2133MHz ram, and it won't happen for me, not even close. 

  18. It is time: Purchased: 'M46 Patton' successfully purchased. Spent credits:  3,450,000. 

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    2. Gashtag


      I rage smashed my mouse (on two separate occasions) man, the RMB is broken - unless I press the LMB and accidentally move it in the wrong direction. It has some weird spasms when I scroll right and even has screw driver marks where I rage stabbed it.


      I ain't a casual.


      (but this shit may inhibit 4k dpg...)

    3. Snoregasm2


      Here's me thinking you play for fun Gash . . .

    4. Gashtag


      Playing for fun doesn't mean you don't tryhard like slave driven 13 year old azn kid every once in a while

  19. had a nice few £100 bets on mcgregor to win


    GG diaz you prick

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    2. Zinn


      If you want to lose money, just send them to me m8 :doge:

    3. kolni


      I hoped that Diaz would shut him up, because McGregor's nothing without his track record backing up all his shittalking. 

      I still betted on McGregor tho :feelsbad: 

    4. Gashtag
  20. Achievement get: Full Dark Purple!!!



    After two years, 11.000 games, multiple promotions through leadership ranks and a fuckload of gold spammed I've now completed what I thought was impossible for a 46% pubbie. GG WoTLabs, thanks for all the help! ^^

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    2. Medjed


      still shitter

    3. Gashtag


      My love for you is forever internal Medjed <3 

    4. Siimcy


      Wow, woooooooow, woooooooooooooow hold on Taydolf, Medjed is only my bbygrill :frenchy:

  21. Researched: M46 Patton researched. Undistributed experience spent: 169770. Free Experience spent: 4,920. @X3N4

    1. Gashtag


      Are y'all up voting because I didn't free exp the entire line like usual? :') 

  22. @Kolni So Zara Larsson is pretty hot... How to put it delicately... Wingman me on this one bro.

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    2. Gashtag


      kolni, everyone has their price

    3. kolni


      the money i stand to make by not pissing her off is probably more than you can offer  \:doge:


      I'll give it to Zinn if he boosts me to top rank on RL tho :serb: 

    4. Zinn


      Done, you have to get around there to play with me anyway :surprisefish:

    1. PityFool


      No idea how that bird didn't know what minge meant....

    2. Gashtag


      was fucking hilarious tho xD

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