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  1. I just can't compete with this shit, he's never, ever going to let that one slide. Sounds like you're either lazy nigga or a scared bitch. P.S. I'm 197cm with my shoes on and hair up, midget... Not that I'm totally salty or anything and need some way to cover my blatant rep lacking insecurity.
  2. Rematch is available anytime F A M
  3. I mean if you're gunna do it, at least make members RQ your clan... Our count is currently standing at: 2
  4. Gashtag

    Money halp

    Bro I keep forgetting that you're a lawyer, I actually have a few questions I'd like to PM to you! && yeah, thanks for the advice, I'm definitely going to be setting one up before that thing hits the app store! @zinn will reply to that godly wisdom after work <3
  5. Gashtag

    Money halp

    This is crazy shit hahah, the android app I'm making is for match betting. My friend came out of the blue, knew I knew how to code and asked me if I wanted to go 50:50 on it with him... Thought why not and here I am right now actually coding this stuff. I'll give you a link to it when it's finished (hopefully soon) cos we've got a load of extra features planned on it. @Zinn Already have a job, but with university in Holland it's gunna be rip and to afford the move out there on top of what I already have saved up/what I will have saved up, I'm gunna need to be earning 2,6k euro a month to
  6. Gashtag

    Money halp

    Right guys, I need to be earning £2000 ($2860 or 2550€) a month before the end of October this year under my own steam (i.e. my own business). I live in the UK right now but will be moving to the Netherlands at the end of August (any loaded Dutchies with know-how here?). I've taught myself Java and been using it for the last two years. Currently have an android app in the works (profits split 50:50 with a partner) as well a huge efficiency application I'm writing for the pharmaceutical industry wherein my current job lies. I hope to turn these into my money makers, both have very go
  7. Just to make sure my genius hasn't been overlooked: Has anyone noted the "RMB is broken due to excessive clicking" one too? I got clicked too much and hulk smashed it.
  8. SteelSeries Sensei gaming mouse Great mouse, has some general wear and tear, likely less comfortable than brand new but performance is still high. Right mouse button is broken due to excessive clicking. Advised that the next user has low blood pressure and should avoid movement in order to preserve the quality condition the original owner has kept it in - too much stress on the current scratch may lead to slightly worse damage in the future. Includes authentic dark purple rage stab marks. RRP: £60/$85. Came from a loving family. Selling for £250 ONO as value wa
  9. +1 here. Lol'd at the sloppy programming point - there isn't a person, institute or company (or as it goes, AI )in the world that can accurately map out the structure, functions, behaviours and relationships that happen in the human brain... But we still tried and Tay is the result... It's also a really fucking damn good result if you ask me. We went from colussus to this in 70 years. In a few decades Tay, DeepMind and the like will all be looked back on in the same way. ---------- On the 4chan thing, some of that shit makes me laugh, but it's like twitch culture, you can only h
  10. EVERYONE HATES HIM! Find out the secret of how he earns $70,000 a month with just a small loan of a million dollars today!
  11. Tried searching google for NAS and knew I made a mistake as soon as I hit enter. What surprised me is what turned up... ------ OT: considered the price and thought... why not just buy some cloud computing space, did a search and amazon came up with something that you might consider: http://www.amazon.co.uk/WD-Personal-Network-Attached-Storage/dp/B00FOKN7B0 No idea if it'll work for what you want but may be worth considering.
  12. http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/489510-what-happened-to-wotlabs-articles/ I lol'd, you know it's a bad day when the official forums are making gud points. No moar tank comparisons No moar reviews No moar guides No moar eve stories No moar shitpoasting (face it, it was funny) No moar countering to the horde of rWN8 = life twitch culture pillow humpers THANKS OBAMA REXXIE
  13. Bro let me lay some things on the table: Serb is a cunt and should be fucked for all the money he's worth. Your high school isn't going to listen to a petition or common sense - they're your customer and you need to play salesman... Offer them something, headteachers always look good when they can say "I saw their potential from an early age and nurtured it, even if it meant giving them an extra day off." It's ALWAYS easier to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission. Risking your trajectory in life isn't worth a few thousand dollars. And my favourites... I
  14. I'm lighting a candle for the good old days too ;_; [^]
  15. Nah, he's got 73% overall bro, if they don't love him then they're 200wn8 mouth breathing retards
  16. Dear any PHP coders, pls give help. 

    1. tomhwk


      I'm currently taking a php class in school, and it makes me angry. LOL

    2. DeltaVolt


      PHP is not so bad usually unless you're dealing with databases.

    3. Gashtag


      From my experience tonight trying to fix a friend's IndianDeveloped(TM) WordPress website... Don't bother with PHP, ever.


  17. Me to some grill on tinder:

    "...I know some Norwegian..."
    "But not enough. Then you would've written; Jeg kan faktisk en del norsk."
    "Don't wanna brag but I think Hæstkuk is way cooler than that"
    "KEEP THAT FILTHY NORTHERN NORWEGIAN SLAND AWAY FROM ME. Northern boys are just fucking trouble."

    @CandyVanMan @MissNurkie

    1. Zinn


      Just tell her about the joys of hestepik instead :doge::serb:

    2. Nope


      Norlænning master race.

    3. kolni


      Ask her if she knows Breivik :doge: 

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  18. I was getting into doing a massive math wall of text for this, but I'll save you from it and give you something far worse: Imagine the WN8 team is trying to find a formula to compare erect dicks out of a sample of ~120,000 (relatively normal ones) so they can give each guy a sticker with a colour on it which they can go back to their GF and friends with and brag about (or hide if it's shameful). Naturally you're going to have different ranges of dick sizes. "Azn level" or <2" fully erect. "Shakram range" or 2-4" but all bent up with puss coming out of it due to the amo
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