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  1. Xen, even if you wanted to, you now now longer have the power to kick me out of your clan, how does that feel? >:D
  2. I know one word of Norwegian: Hestkuk. @CandyVanMan taught it to me, I assume it's a warm greeting?
  3. I'm pretty sure I can put a Hardest1(TM)(TM)(TM) (o7o7) spin on this: Have you taken a look at these LEGIT curves??? Only growth, confirming clean slate from being brain dead 16 year old no gold, no premium, no teamspeak mongo to actually trying to play well. Taylor for PRESIDENT 2016.
  4. First and foremost, this. ------ That being said, winning = doing a lot of damage in the right places. Now how do you do that more consistently? Thinking faster than you've ever done before - being in flow, short amount of games like Weenis said. Having consistently good or bad teams and having the experience to know what's most likely to happen, how to exploit that and having the presence of mind to do so. Playing at certain favourable times like Weenis said. Playing versatile (read OP) tanks that can deal with most or all of the situations you'll need to face. Li
    1. PityFool


      No idea how that bird didn't know what minge meant....

    2. Gashtag


      was fucking hilarious tho xD

  5. That would be embarrassing. Speaking of embarrassing, imagine being a top 10 clan with this defence time:
  6. M60 > VK > 907 > T95 imho. 907 is just a copycat gimmick of the T62 and 140 - it'll never be as good, I played one game and I'm bored... It's like it has no soul other than a shitty ammorack. Without the 2x crew exp bonus with prems, I wouldn't even bother with it even if it is the "strongest" on paper. M60 and VK are both characters - sure you gotta adapt a new play style with them and they'll never be a russian medium but that's a sacrifice that I think now is worth making.
  7. You mean she forgets to press the 2 key... Because as a true purple your gold ammo is automatically set to 1
  8. Well Vala, you've guaranteed my cash if you throw a Garbad reference in... Where do I pay?
  9. Seeing Interstellar for the first time and getting hit like


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    2. deathmachine16


      It was such a great movie 

    3. bjshnog


      Not just because of fuck Haswell, Interstellar is my favourite movie.

    4. kolni


      I really liked everything about the movie besides Matthey McConaughey being in it

      literally the most annoying guy ever to be on the big screen after Mark Wahlberg

      I also wished the science part would've dug deeper. Not that anyone'd understand but when even I can actually follow those conversations it's pretty meh :doge: 



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  10. Would you like some plane with your afterburner? edit: the foxbat's engines are ridiculous
  11. You can deduce that from km/miles... Speaking of which, I generally use miles to measure things where most people use inches. 10cm = 4" is also pretty easy to remember
  12. 2.2 lbs to the kg 1.6 km to the mile Easy as that, graag gedaan!
  13. Well firstly, let's rationalise the "represent majority of clan" thing. Majority doesn't matter, people who get in your way matter slightly and people who are your friends, have fun with you and you enjoy spending time around matter a lot - at the end of the day, they're gunna be the ones that stick with you through thick and thin; see nurkus, weenis et al. The investment/frustration part is tricky, that's something only you can think about and conclude. It all boils down to either joining another clan to see if they're worth it and leave behind old friends (and also shitlords) or trying
  14. Whereas I have no fear. OMNI isn't likely dying any time soon though unless certain execs are leaving (and that wont be because of results). ---- Xena, like, I know the frustration all too fucking well. Feel for you bro. What I will say is; when you get like-minded, professional people in similar positions to split the load, man it feels gud. ---- Dragos, enjoy it, try to help and add value where you can. Nobody says it much, but support to officers is actually really appreciated.
  15. Kolni, make out with her sooner - seriously like 5/10 mins the second she walks through the door. Let me know how that goes for you. Fav date idea: Invite her to yours, brainstorm ideas for the best picnic/pizza/burger/gourmet dish, pick each other's favourite parts, find the ingredients and go shopping for them. Talk while you're handling the logistical side, try to find mutual ground of actual substance (e.g. Both want to start a business or sth) - get to her on a deeper level. If in house, prep the food, flirt, touch... Eat && don't be afraid to go for a kiss within 5 to
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