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  1. Nice Recent's Mat, finally curbed the YOLO I see. Go Minions.
  2. I am running the Warhorse on the BAR at the moment, also have the Doughboy which I got on a game drop iirc. I also seem to also be getting a lot of duplicate Mondragon skins. The 1911 York skin looks pretty good also. I think the last FPS game I was into heavy was regular CS and Half Life so I am rusty but am finally making some decent progress in getting to the top of the leader board.
  3. The 10 hour trial is up if you have the Premium account. It's a separate download if you already have it pre-ordered. Also if anyone needs a wing man on Origin I need friends.
  4. 5 for the month, ladies and gentlemen it's a new record.
  5. I don't know about that @_Juris, that makes 4 posts in Sept, seems pretty active to me.
  6. You could go with the M46 and the E50 / E50M. It really depends on what you like playing, if you are into playing TD's maybe the T30 and that would give you a another 4 person tank like a TVP or AX. I wouldn't want to waste girls on anything I didn't really like playing, but 6/4 could be an option. Heavies and TD's don't have as many options for really good skills as meds or lights, but if you like playing it, why not. Also try to pick something from a country with more trees as you can always re-spec them into another tank if you change your mind later vs just having a couple of tens to pick
  7. CQC is close quarters combat, which you would tend to avoid with the Panther as your alpha really won't scare anything unless you can DPM it down from a distance. You had to have selected Sit awareness while the commander was in a Premium tank or before you trained him for the Panther, it has a dedicated Radio Operator and they always train Sit awareness. Always just look for a greyed out box and you can tell that another crew member should train that skill, and if you are grinding crews in a Premium, put them back in the original tank to select any new skills to keep from training something y
  8. Not sure that it will be all that useful, but you get it 3 days earlier, 3 vehicle skins, 5x battle packs, and the Red Baron and Lawrence of Arabia packs for $20 US. Along with the Hell fighter pack that also comes with the standard edition.
  9. Most likely will pre-order the deluxe edition as it seems you get some cool stuff vs just the standard game, enjoyed the beta so I guess I might as well get my feet wet, pretty much a battlefield series noob other than 42 that I used to play back in the day, cruising around in battleships was always fun if you had a good wing man.
  10. Still playing, but joined some guys from work that are really active. Clan just went level 10 the other day and having troops going up 2 levels is pretty sweet. I actually made it into master league for the first time so I need to figure out what to do with my sweet 1K gem bonus.
  11. 1 thing about using a crew in a non premium tank that they aren't trained for, just don't do it. You can use some fun tier 5 tanks as crew trainers, just remember to accelerate crew training. I wouldn't recommend any really low tiers as the xp you get is very small and the random (aka-crazy) acts of everyone you really won't learn anything productive. Tier 5 should make some pretty good credits, you can make money in every tier providing you can do enough damage to offset the ammo cost, but it's easier in tier 5.
  12. Lightnin45

    T30 Questions

    I basically play it the same as the T34, don't be to far forward as you have a long reload but don't be to far back because your accuracy isn't that good. Shoot lot's of APCR rounds because 1: it helps with your accuracy due to being a faster round, and 2: with a 17+ second reload you want to hit + pen when you shoot, with a Premium account and few bounces, you will still make credits. You can definitely use the fear of getting shot to your advantage, not many players are willing to lose almost half their health to root you out if you are dug into a hull down position. Hit me up to run so
  13. WOT survey about the mini map, this could be a problem when this is an option to choose.  Hard to say as I don't use the minimap in battle

  14. Well that's cool of them to change it up, thanks @sr360.
  15. I thought they changed it so if you win a tank you already have, it's credits instead of gold, at least for the on-track missions. I don't have the T40, but the 64 is a good SH tank and pretty fun to play as long as you feel like playing tier 6 lights.
  16. Probably my best game yet. Really lucky at the end to start a fire instead of having to ram him to death. T37 Mastery with Fadin's Medal, 3800 damage
  17. @Grasschopper, I still need LT 15.3, so maybe we could plat and get them done. Add me in game if you want to give it a shot. I have missed it by less than 200 HP twice which is frustrating to say the least.
  18. Usually I try to make sure the train doesn't get stalled out on a couple of enemies and then be ready to reset my cap if needed. In that scenario I would probably work the middle road or maybe push them through the valley depending on tank comps. Just sitting at base would be a bad idea, and going city alone wouldn't be much better. Bad streaks happen, just don't be part of the reason your side lost and it will get better eventually. Looks like your wn8 is improving, keep up the good work.
  19. Still trying for LT15.3, anybody running high tier TD's or arty hit me up if you need a scout.

  20. Sometimes winning is hard, other than 2 damage farm shots at the end, I pretty much played front line the whole game. Shout out to the Type 62 that got yolo'd by the T49, so I can't blame him, but everybody else had some trouble clicking the left mouse button.
  21. This video makes me feel bad I haven't bought the 132. My favorite part is them complaining about gold rounds when you are shooting AP.
  22. Still around, but started up GGM. http://na.wargaming.net/clans/1000023991/
  23. If you are going to gold spam the T29, go with the 90mm. AP use the 105. Going full AP is just a bad idea, if it comes down to you vs a STI or E-75, you better be packing something you can shoot instead of tickle them with. But then again if you are shooting APCR rounds at arty and CDC's, that's a little over the top, you are only costing yourself silver by not killing them with a cheaper round, they however will be just as dead, no matter how much they complain about you shooting them with gold (I use very expensive silver) ammo. Pubbies always complain about anything but being bad, gold
  24. Bump to say thanks for calling out my teams RHM in that Erlenberg game saying I was camping behind him when I was actually just falling back to keep from getting over run from you guys, I drove right by him, so you think he would have noticed. I was pretty busy so I didn't have time to give him any salt. I just hope he looked at the post game stats.
  25. I was fortunate that I had already went up the Medium line and just equipped the 100 I already had in the depot, I would get the gun asap. The biggest problem with the hundo for me is that a lot can happen while you are clipping, but overall a keeper tank for me. I load 50/50 on my ammo and click 1 or 2 depending on what the enemy teams armor looks like.
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