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  1. You're new here, right It's well established fact that EU pubbies hate gold ammo and consider it "unfair" and "cheating" to use gold ammo in any tank. For EU pubbies, E-100 has 235 pen, and in that case, E-100 sucks indeed.
  2. If you didn't already play Obj 430 II, you don't have top gun for T-54. In that case, I would recommend saving that free XP for T-54. Grinding 80k XP (20k turret + 60k gun) in stock T-54 will drive you insane.
  3. You can't mount upgraded turret on stock tracks (so, no 100mm gun either). When I played it, I bought enhanced suspension and used free XP for turret (so I could mount D-10T gun I had researched on IS). From there, I went top gun -> Tracks -> Engines. That semi-stock grind was tolerable, and I really enjoyed the elite tank. I did play it in vision meta few years ago, so I'm not sure how will it perform now.
  4. 110 - 17 AMX 50 100 - 27 Rhm.B WT - 17 Jagdpanther II - 26 STA-1 - 5 - Take Pershing, remove all armor and give it better pen. What you get is bad tank that's profitable to play. If I want credits, I'll play some premium tank. So, this tank really has no redeeming qualities. T69 - 15 Pershing - 46 - If you can afford APCR, and you like ridge-line poking playstile, this tank is just amazing. T32 - 35 Obj 416 - 31 T-44 - 15 IS-3 - 60
  5. T-34-2 - 20 110 - 20 TVP VTU - 20 AMX AC 48 - 20 AMX 50 100 - 20 Rhm. B WT - 20 Jagdpanther II - 22 - Go fast like a medium and then hit someone for 500 - me likey. Ferdinand - 20 VK 45.02 A - 20 Tiger II - 20 Panther II - 17 - There are worse tanks, but I played this one recently. Slow with no armor, while it's strength should be the gun. Well, 203 base pen is not spectacular, and APRC is the same as T-44, and way worse than the Pershing. It may be decent for bad players, but the skill ceiling for this POS is the lowest I've ever seen. Indienpanzer - 20 STA-1 - 20 O-Ho -
  6. Upload the replay to http://wotreplays.com and see if you have "spotted" icon next to the SPG. If you do have the icon, then the mission is bugged and you can try opening support ticket (not sure if that will work though).
  7. Crab already gave a perfect explanation for recent landslide games. That should answer most of your questions, but read through the rest of that thread, as there are few more insightful posts by our wise Crab.
  8. Slow tanks ARE good for winning. They ARE NOT good for getting amazing DPG stats, as you can't farm damage in 15:3 wins or in 3:15 losses. And that's why most unicums around here just hate slow tanks (which showed in both tier 10 and tier 9 eliminations). When unicums say "My medium can flex", they actually mean "If my flank falls, I can run away and farm additional 2k damage when enemies rush the cap" or "If we are steamrolling them I can farm additional 2k damage due to my 'flexing ability' ".
  9. Did you just take two things that are bad about ST-I, and tried to make it look like those are actually advantages? We can continue the ST-I vs E-75 debate, but let's first agree that low turret traverse speed is a negative trait, same as bad turning.
  10. WZ-120: 21 WZ-111 1-4: 23 Skoda T-50: 30 AMX 30: 23 Waffenträger auf Panzer IV: 17 Jagdtiger: 22 VK 45.02 B: 22 E 75: 14 E 50: 17 Leopard PTA: 22 Type 61: 8 Centurion 7/1: 3 Tortoise: -1 Goodbye. I finished the Tortoise grind with 57% win rate, so it's not that bad. I even liked it a bit when I managed to work around unreliable armor and 20 kph speed. However, 400 alpha is just too low and DPM rarely matters in TDs as you need to rely on retards staying in front of your gun. Maybe not the worst tank on this list, but I would like to kill this limping horse myself. Conq
  11. PSA: You don't have colour buttons on 1280px wide screens. It's not you, it's the forum. Keep using bold/italic, or buy bigger monitor.
  12. WZ-120: 20 WZ-111 1-4: 21 (+1) - IS-7 gun on tier 9 with mobile platform = win Skoda T 50: 21 Foch: 17 AMX 50 120: 17 Lorraine 40t: 14 AMX 30: 20 Waffen IV: 20 Jagdtiger: 20 VK 45.02 B: 22 E 75: 19 E 50: 23 Leopard PT A: 21 Type 61: 20 Centurion 7/1: 21 Tortoise: 20 Conqueror: 20 Conway: 20 T54E1: 20 T30: 20 M46 Patton: 25 M103: 20 Object 704: 17 (-3) - There used to be a time when tanks had cammo as their defining strength. Now, those that relied on cammo can go fuck them selves. Obj 704 was left with derpy gun, no turret and shitty armor. Much shit, su
  13. Result of RU meds were skewed by the 62a vs Obj. 140 debate/hatred. There were numerous cases where Obj. received -3 for "Being worse than 62a" (and vice versa).
  14. Batchat 25t: 9 - even with BIA + vents + food + GLD, the gun handling gave me cancer FV215b: 16 T-62A: 14 Object 140: 7 - Stronk Russian hovermed. Fun to play (unlike that fucking rage inducing french piece of shit above) TVP T50/51: 22 E 100: 25 E 50M: 17 T110E5: 29 M48: 39 AMX 50B: 34 No colors because forum hates me.
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