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  1. Any mods currently working? or is Xvm the only broken one?

    1. aaveq


      my xvm works Kappa

    2. OneTrueLeader


      and over in vanilla land

    3. RockingReilly
  2. of course, of course I shall F you as well if you wish
  3. Just played this game, came down to a nail bitter, got that L. If some people whether unicum or blueicum would mind looking this replay over and tell me what I should have done better. Honestly I know I could have won this game looking back at it near the end I think I choose the wrong way to go. If you have any question as to why I made a certain decision, please ask, I will be more than willing to give you an idea of what I had going through my head at that time. As always thanks for any help that is given, I definatley made mistakes this game and ultimately my final mistake resulted in the
  4. I do not, Sorry (very stronk but to stronk for me ) but the other two do.
  5. Hey, looking for some people that would be intersted in tooning. The only thing I really want is a toon mate who is cool headed and laid back, and is ok with joking around. Here is my stats and the usual people I toon with who you'd most likely meet if you join me in these toons: Well that all I have to say, lemme know if anyone is intersted in stronk toons Most of the time we play we play 10's as well, unless you you would like to grind so stuff or play pref 8's. 10's I own- 62a, 140, Leo, Bat, e5, E50m
  6. Hmm.... Anyone know how this game is Kappa http://store.steampowered.com/app/319400/

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. RockingReilly


      Heard it was 10/10 skyrim with honey

    3. Constie


      IGN 6/10 not enough honey

    4. RockingReilly


      well that's a huge issue if there isn't enough honey! I was gonna give it an A+ but now I guess I gotta give it a B+ story is very well done

  7. I've got both the 62a as well as the 140 and the main reason I so much enjoy my 62a is the sheer fact that the turret can't be overmatched. Part of the turret of the 140 can be penned as well as the cupola is bigger. If I get my 62a hulldown, I fell comfortable taking a strong aggresive spot and sit hulldown, knowing there isn't much that will be able to pen my turret. I've a got replays from last patch I'd post if I can find it racking up 6.2 k damage absorbed. And if I had taken my 140 that probably would not have happened, Primarily from E-100's and TD's. In most situations the 140 is bett
  8. I have already inquired about Foxey and was told the stats just werent there Im intersted in Buneh for the shear fact of maybe moving up in the PetCo family at a later date so I will definatley be in contact with you guys in the coming days
  9. To be honestly with my current stats I was hoping to get into to Foxey and hope they would allow me to at least "tryout". Currently Foxey is probaley the best I can get into, and like the Reddit Clans, there is always movement thoughtout the clans, "moving up". I like the PetCo clans and if I can not make it into Foxey I'd like to join maybe BUNEH
  10. I know that recent need to be 1950 wn8 for Foxey and I most definatley Intersted in the PetCo Family seeing that currentily I am in the the Reddit Family I feel that it would make for easy transiaton to the PetCO family. Foxey has also peaked my interst
  11. Hello, my name is RockingReilly I currently am in the clan TL-DR as a solider and have been playing tanks since 2011. My current overalls while not impresive are 1044 wn8 and an abismal 49.55 W/R. What I hope that clans look at are my current 60-day is sitting at a 65% win rate (Toons have helped my win rate greatly) with an average 60-Wn8 of 1931. I hope to eventually get my 60- Wn8 over 2100 soon. The reason I am looking to leave the current "Reddit Family" is stability issues. Commanders come and go quick. They are not what the were a year ago. I want to trend water and see if there is a c
  12. -At this point any kind of computer would most likely increase my FPS, I have a sh*t laptop which I want to upgrade this summer, that has a gentric Intel graphics card, and I have Intel i5 -2410M Processor - The ISP is we currently pay for is the best DSL that At&t has to offer in my Area, I would like to switch to Comcast because honestly I feel AT&T is sh*t It just so frustrating when talk to people hearing their Ping and FPS
  13. After watching streamers like Junkers, Sela, Nolan, Anifled, etc. I always notice they have extremely low ping and High FPS. My question is if I got a better ISP package and Computer would my Overall performance go up as well? I know this sounds stupid but here me out. Currently I average 20 fps and before the new patch had an Average of 120 ms ping. Post patch my ping has sky rocketed for some unknown reason, unbearable won't come out of the 700 ms. This is what my Internet is (prepare to see the worse internet in America) http://www.speedtest.net/result/3446400412.png. I simple answer woul
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