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  1. As a guy who's entering his ninth month of insomnia (~3 hours of sleep a night if that), may I ask how you've been handling it? I've been needing meditation and over-the-counter sleep aids to just hit five hours a night, and even that hasn't been working the past couple nights. Curious as to what kinds of solutions other people have come up with. In other news, still lurking. So glad to hear things are looking up for you, Alesia, here's to hoping your good fortune continues. That absolutely freaking sucks CiDisguise, though IMO that shouldn't keep you from writing/texting/emailing you
  2. I actually have to disagree, I never did like Blake, and I started despising Ruby this season. Blake's always seemed to be nothing more than a plot device to me. "Oh, you're this dark and mysterious girl we just met and know nothing about? Who are you, again?" "Oh, you used to be a part of this terrorist organization that are now the Bad Guys? How convenient!" "Oh, you used to be in a relationship with the Head Bad Guy Dude? How convenient!" "Oh, you're related to the Head Bad Guy Dude Before The Bad Guys Were Bad, who also happens to be This One Place Leader Dude? How convenient!
  3. Well, I mean, we still have Chibi in May (which may or may not involve a heavy dose of cringe, depending on the episode). And as far as I've read, it's only going to be a nine month hiatus rather than twelve. Plus, when Volume 5 shows up, RWBY's best character will be back with a robo-arm. And she'll be going all One Punch (Wo-)Man on the White Fang, and the Totally-Not-Cowardly-Lion-Character-Even-Though-His-Name-Is-Literally-Lion(heart). Not to mention, we still have fanfiction. *Desperately tries to hold in laughter* In other news, still waging an internal argument whether
  4. I kinda want to make an argument as to how Star Citizen is still fun and all... But I kinda haven't been able to play ever since they fucked up their optimization eleven months ago. Seriously, a $1500 machine that used to get 75FPS when 2.0 came out got a whopping 13FPS whenever I tried to get on last week. Yeah, no.
  5. A political debate at your typical liberal college drags on forever and filled with useless strings of words pitifully trying and failing to pass itself off as English. Much like leggasiini's posting. Dear god, sneaky bugger and xpedience had more useful and contributive posts than this guy.
  6. Read everyone arguing about which name I can't pronounce is the best show. And here I am drooling over the visuals in this year's RWBY volume. Seriously, only one episode in and it's obvious Rooster Teeth did a hell of a job.
  7. Oh, lovely, leblanc returns. The one champion I can't play as or against, especially when she can use both her distortions to go the full length of the lane, still 100-0 you, and blink back before the tower has time to aggro onto her. You'd think with a champion that easy I'd have higher than a zero percent winrate as leblanc over about a dozen games.
  8. So, I've been playing mid a ton recently and I somehow managed to fail my way up to silver 3. The problem is, I'm only playing two champions in mid and I don't think I can make a career out of playing nothing but morgana and xerath. Would you guys have any recommendations for additional mid laners to acquire soon?
  9. You still did better than I did for season 6 placements. Still don't know how I managed 12 losses in a 10 game series.
  10. The official trailer now has twice as many dislikes as it does likes. Maybe people are finally tired of getting sold the same game for how many years in a row? Honestly, the last COD game I owned was the first Black Ops, and beyond a fancy movement system I can tell zero difference between BO1 and Advanced Ops 77: Ghosts or whatever game they're on now.
  11. Got back to Bronze 1 last night, if I keep doing as well as I have been lately I should be hitting silver before too much longer. Been playing a lot of Malphite and Jinx recently (100% AoE crits are hilariously OP), with some Olaf/Xerath for variety. Really liking the Olaf buffs, he's one of my favorite guy to play as and more lifesteal/resistances would make 1v1's even easier. Coming from the perspective of a bad player who plays with other bad players, Azir is generally a safe pick. However, one thing I've noticed when I go mid against him is that he absolutely does not like playi
  12. From my experience, the Maus is the great for fighting noobs in city maps, if you know what you're doing. Nobody outside of unica/blunica know to shoot gold at it to make it die, never mind actually carrying gold in random battles. Plant your lower glacis into a corner and rack up the damage absorbed. Have had multiple games absorbing 20k+ damage while single-handedly holding a flank, highlight of this was on tank alley in Himmelsderp where I went 1v5, won, ate 25k damage, and had a JPE cussing me out for hacking his five gold rounds into all bouncing.
  13. Tried to get into InfiTech 2, and while I do like the pack more than Resonant Rise 2, I just cannot deal with the framerate issues. I have better fps on starcraft 2 on ultra graphics than I do with InfiTech on minimum. The final straw was when I learned the hard way that fighting two skeletons and a zombie on half a frame per second is literally impossible. Apparently my infamous and never ending battle with Java claimed my Minecraft hostage.
  14. Keep in mind this post is for me a trip down memory lane. I'll take words I'd never think I'd hear for 600, Alex. Did it get a big nerf at some point in the past year that I never heard about? I've also got to disagree about the VK4502.A being bad, at least from about a year and a half ago. Medium tank DPM (assuming we're not comparing to the Object 416 and that hilarious gun it has), medium tank mobility, and heavy tank hitpoints made for a pretty scary combination when you beat most people up to the hill on Malinovka, or any other forward spot. Really the only problems I ever
  15. Speaking of old clan wars stuff, I think I remember on the RU server for like the first year or so some group of clans named RED did the Iron Raiders thing but six times bigger. Didn't they have 23-24 clans at some point and basically own the map? Never heard anything about RU CW since then, does anyone know what happened?
  16. Easy, for at least half the time the KV-1S was in its hilariously OP form it was overshadowed by the KV-3. Anyone else remember when the KV-3 was tier 6? You had a KV-1S that traded a little mobility for (mostly) frontal invincibility to anything its tier or lower, apart from TD's ofc.
  17. Paging Mr. Fulcrous for a consult, considering how he's the good one here. I'll put what I think it means in a spoiler, but you probably don't want to read it since I'm bad and more than likely got it wrong.
  18. Yeah, Teemo is kind of the community punching bag/Satanspawn in League. At least you didn't try to play him, last time I tried that I got various rape threats against any/all of my female relatives. Or I think that's what it was supposed to be, it was fairly incoherent.
  19. Similar to what I've noticed. Do people even still play tanks anymore?
  20. While I would normally point out how utterly stupid it is to insinuate that the simple act of wearing gloves makes them terrorist suspects... it is apparently 51 degrees (fahrenheit) in Brussels, not what I would personally wear gloves in. Still, your evidence is pretty shaky when the best you have is that they're wearing gloves, even if on a relatively warm day.
  21. How about when there wasn't any Mines map, we had Pagorki? Goons were having a field day fighting IR/AOD and the meta consisted almost exclusively of IS-7 spam (as far as I could tell). Americans had no TD's, the tier 9 medium was the Pershing, and the Russians only had four lines of tanks, not thirteen million. The highest level SPG was tier 7, but the tier 6 S-51 was still the best artillery in the game. And who could forget the original KV? Fighting what was pretty much the KV-2 with my Pz.II was some of the most rage inducing moments I've ever had in this game.
  22. No combat stats? How about bonus AP equal to 4% max mana? If I know I'll have a passive lane to the point where I know I'll have 15-20 minutes basically unmolested then I'll grab both tear and rod of ages even on champs like Xerath since that 1800 mana gets me about 153 extra AP at level 18. Add in the 120 from rod of ages, rabadon's deathcap, rylai's, and void staff and I'll get 1100 AP Xerath at the 40-50 minute mark, which kills just about anything in one combo. Also get the shield from seraph's embrace, and about 2700 hitpoints so I don't instantly die. Honestly, my favorite xerath bu
  23. So Swain is basically the definition of easy mode. Max E, spam it until opponent leaves lane, free farm, rinse and repeat until you hit six. Go all in and farm kills until their jungler comes... oh wait, 1v2's are easy too. Is Archangel's staff mandatory on Swain for teamfight power? As a bronze 2 baddie, I'm almost certainly doing it wrong. But I run out of mana in any extended teamfight where I have to go chasing for kills. Also, Will of the Ancients for extra lifesteal Y/N?
  24. Find a champion you like, and play the ever living hell out of it. Maining one to three champions is the best way to have consistently good results in league, and I suspect that'd be the same for any moba. For me, currently that'd be Olaf and Malphite. There's also hugely specific roles that champions fit in to, fortunately until you hit level 7 to 10 literally nobody cares. Once you get to that point though, people will flip if you're outside of your role (somewhat justified, as champions are HIGHLY tuned around which role they're supposed to be played in). OPINION WARNING: the f
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