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  1. Whoever at WG that thought a credit mission based on wins was a good idea needs to be fired and condemned.

    1. skyf24
    2. deathmachine16


      Same for people that thought arty in track events are gud ideas

  2. RIP North American Servers. Never had this problem on EU1.

  3. So basically I play the 416 like a non-rocket powered ELC with insane DPM for tier?

    1. Errants


      Yup. Better traverse/reload too.

  4. Why do I feel conflicted on the AMX 12t? It's a scout, but each time I scout I do nothing according to WN8. When I sit in the back and do damage and let others spot, I do well according to WN8. Why does this system reward this tank for not doing it's job or is it not a scout? I really dont know.

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    2. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      The trick to playing French LTs properly is to be able to fluidly transition from passive scout to damage dealer and flanker.

    3. MagicSeagull


      Assisted damage isn't a public stat so xvm can't track it.

      one of the reasone WN8 is flawed.

    4. Yuffy


      because wn8 should be renamed to "DPG rating adjusted based on how bad the global stats of this tank are"

  5. Best Purple Poaster NA/EU/RU/SEA/EARTH

  6. Looking for 215B mentors. Inquire here:

  7. I've made two mistakes I regret: Going down the Brit Heavy line to completion first and playing this weekend. Now I'm out 4M credits and my WR went down by .5%

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    2. British_Fire_Power


      Sure felt like it. I didn't know patch day brought out so much bad it made me bad.

    3. Mami_Momoe


      Ha... Well, you've learnt your lesson.

    4. besieger


      Poor British, this isn't Navyfield. I like Kongou too, though.

  8. 'FV215B' successfully purchased. Spent : 4,270,000. I can't help but feel like I'm making a terrible mistake for my first tier X.

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    2. Mami_Momoe


      FV4202 is better :3

    3. SoliDeoGloria


      I agree with Mami, but both still not as good as most trees, but still better than that joke of a chinese tree.

  9. Do not attempt to reverse side-scrape in a Conqueror. It WILL only end badly...

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    2. British_Fire_Power


      Being absolutely terribad at this game. Also you wanna know how my "average" game goes? Go see my replay in the Mentor thread.

    3. Mami_Momoe


      You're still better than me when I was at 2k games played... Pretty sure I was overall yellow back then...

    4. Intumesce


      B-but if you angle at 90 degrees it can autobounce stuff!

  10. [Counter Stalking Intensifies]

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