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  1. The the tracks help. It's a commonly forgotten point that tracks affect soft stats like dispersion on the move and terrain resistance. That said, you are kinda right that it is a worse 121, but the 121 doesn't see tier 7s. The T-54 is immune to guns which are lower than 200 pen, which is most of tier 7 and some of tier 8.
  2. At that point, the key is to look to managing your HP effectively and dealing effective damage. Blue/light purple means dealing 1.5x your HP in damage, which frankly isn't that much. Look for the free early shots. 2 shots can easily mean you a third of your way to the goal. Trade well. If you are trading even, reconsider what you are doing. If you are trading less than even, don't even think about it. This is important, and precludes some stupid things like tring to bait a bounce from an 183. The only time you should be risking HP is to get a kill that may actually get away i.e
  3. Depends. Honestly, if it's just WoT, anime is probably worth more of your time unless we are talking about the trashy ones. On the other hand, if it's SCII or Fallout we are talking about, then go with what you clearly know is better. Anime last 2 seasons have been disappointing. Unfortunately.
  4. Wait, what happened. Why does Rexxie have Solono's tag? Have they secretly been the same person all along?
  5. TeaTime~ moved to murica yet? :kitty:

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    2. Kitten


      Dunno, just happy you're over :D add me in AW, same username as here. 


    3. TeaTime


      Remind me what your username was before this?

      Also, added.

    4. Kitten
  6. As much as I like Hakomari, the ending was so disappointing. Vol 7 just doesn't compare to vol 3-6. We get no strong conflict with no buildup, no character development and no pay-off. I'd rather have the series not end at all.
  7. Just in case this isn't actually trolling, the penis is mostly spongiform tissue. Sometimes contains bone for other primates. Not a muscle.
  8. Firing in AW is delayed by about 0.2 seconds. This means that autoaim will almost never hit a moving target. Enjoy.
  9. MostlyHarmless (2nd L is and I, so mostlyharmiess)
  10. I'm thinking about picking up AW. Any quick advice?

    1. Epic


      I would wait a year, but if you really must... find a clan, never play solo. That goes for pvp and pve.

    2. Nicook5


      shoot the red tanks. Also aint nothing wrong with soloing everything ;_;

  11. As far as I know, there are legit armour and penetration mechanics in WoWs, so the concept is usable and could be used to squeeze some extra angling out of a ship. That said, RNG still happens and this is not going to be useful against shells that have much higher penetrations than your armour.
  12. You can just shoot straight at the gun though. There's a hole behind the mantlet.
  13. Everyone gets what they are looking for. So who cares? I think the best part of the books were the utterly meaningless conversations, a fair bit of which was cut out though.
  14. Let me try. highest ejaculation provoker. Edit: Nice. I can feel the hatred inherent in the system.
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