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  1. If SerB wants his spaceship program to get a quick boost, he puts this up for sale on NA...
  2. Ty for the update sela, it's nice to not crash every single battle, haven't crashed since the update.
  3. Switch to SD client, you'll crash either before or after each battle, but with a SSD you load in fast enough to still get in before the countdown is over.
  4. Someone a couple pages back said to try SD client, whoever that was thank you very much. I still crash either before or after a battle, sometimes both, but at least during battle crashes seem to have been eliminated.
  5. The CTD fix from the EU forums fixed my crashing every time a team mate died, and the appdata fix has so far stopped my crashing after every battle ends, fingers crossed.... Edit: Spoke to soon, crashing whenever a new enemy spotted now and sometimes crashing at the beginning of battles, sometimes at the end, fuck tanks for a few days...
  6. Maybe Euro trucks don't, but US CDL training requires you to downshift ie use the engine as a brake.
  7. Thanks for the update sela. Your default safeshot config is borked, but I fixed it by changing disable_key back to true and changing it to key_Y since left alt conflicts with the hp toggle.
  8. Airplane mode best mode...
  9. Can confirm safeshot isn't working, and it's not a matter of the config file being wrong.
  10. Run noscript, works wonders against getting redirected.
  11. The types of ships that are typical ganker targets have horrendous lock times, you'd likely be dead before you got a chance to try it, and ecm on a ship that doesn't have a bonus towards it has a pretty low chance of success anyway. Running around with a falcon alt might have potential though...
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