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  1. Should send that to a mod Mick. ARF! Have to remember to note them both down on a bit of paper for a press 2 if spotted list.
  2. It's far better I call pubbies cunts in game (not that I ever have) than murder some of the incompetent morons I deal with IRL.
  3. I am 100% 45% these days. Think MM has an 'if oxygen thief then Siggy's team' algorithm.
  4. Metonic also loaded only gold. Must have been costing him a fortune.
  5. ...I did suspect it then decided to push through. You could have been discussing upper Willis and the Central markets but they already have two Vietnamese places, three Korean, Thai and two Japanese.
  6. No. On Featherston, going in where the Patisserie used to be (Louis Seargeant) and before that Capri. Opposite d4
  7. New Vietnamese restaurant opening near my work 'Le Saigon'. I hope it's intentional.
  8. 1AR speak both English and bogan, does that count?
  9. I have both the 277 and IS-7 (fuck the 65t) but am stuck at work.
  10. I ran into a couple last night with similar stats although closer to 42% overalls. Maybe these are the bots they are filling out AU games with as per Hopey's theory! (except I was on HK).
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