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  1. You're a star Never. Cheers for looking. In the end I moved the Rudy back to being Russian so it at least fixed my recents.
  2. Never. Not wishing to chuck work at you but the dual nation Rudy borks recent stats. If you switch the nation it adds the total battle stats for the Rudy as new stats for the last 24 hours. Currently (like a good Chinese bot on the AU server) it thinks I played 430 battles in the last 48 hours because it's chucked the Rudy's 370 battles into the daily numbers. I don't know if it's an easy fix but any chance you could slip a fix into the next sprint?
  3. Should send that to a mod Mick. ARF! Have to remember to note them both down on a bit of paper for a press 2 if spotted list.
  4. It's far better I call pubbies cunts in game (not that I ever have) than murder some of the incompetent morons I deal with IRL.
  5. I am 100% 45% these days. Think MM has an 'if oxygen thief then Siggy's team' algorithm.
  6. Metonic also loaded only gold. Must have been costing him a fortune.
  7. ...I did suspect it then decided to push through. You could have been discussing upper Willis and the Central markets but they already have two Vietnamese places, three Korean, Thai and two Japanese.
  8. No. On Featherston, going in where the Patisserie used to be (Louis Seargeant) and before that Capri. Opposite d4
  9. New Vietnamese restaurant opening near my work 'Le Saigon'. I hope it's intentional.
  10. 1AR speak both English and bogan, does that count?
  11. I ran into a couple last night with similar stats although closer to 42% overalls. Maybe these are the bots they are filling out AU games with as per Hopey's theory! (except I was on HK).
  12. It's the bots they are secretly packing teams with on the AU server.
  13. The 5 is a decent tier 5 med - good gun, reasonably mobile - but it's a tier 5 med, biggest problem is that it's the size of a T-28. I was going to skip the 6 but thought 'what the hell' and it's actually not bad. The armour is better than expected gun is good just don't show it a hill or it's fucked as the Power to weight is horrific. The tier 4 Italian is maximum Meme with 70mm pen HE - 170 damage to tier 5 meds gives them one hell of a fright, the 5 is Meh, the 6 I didn't get - took me 130 battles to haul it back to 60% - but the 7 I thoroughly enjoyed.
  14. I just assume you fuck up all the time, not save it for the 10 minutes I turn up once a week.
  15. I am intrigued by this concept that has recently become prevalent whereby people think they would give away friendly positions to a team mate via comms. I guess this is the difference between the 45%ers an people who value win/rate. It would never cross my mind to do something to assist the enemy team even if a good mate was on the other team trying to do a mission. The smugness value of beating them, and the want to maintain or improve win/rate is much more important than giving away the position of some 45% shitlord.
  16. Also. Why the fuck do the 7 and 9 french arty have radio operators and nothing else in the line?
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