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  1. Will it have regular Cromwell characteristics? PS link pls
    1. Paozx


      dont type hardest1 in chat

  2. Is it worth to run with cola or 20% chance of engine fire makes it suicidal?
  3. Did it first try on live Oaks with WZ132, remember track damage counts, i spotted 2kish but tracking an e100 in town to Death is easy 2.7 assisted dmg.
  4. Campaign is over, as always you can contact Tarantula (EU) ingame, on esl or on forums for M60 Codes! :>)

    1. YesThatWasAPCR


      Do we have to start this again?

    2. Gashtag


      KillaMarci is first in line, right? ;D

    3. Siimcy


      rip never forget gashy

  5. Could you help me using your method? I would like to make a semi accurate prediction for EU server (11k tanks will be handed out here) So reading your equation what i did is multiply rank 11k FP (39k) * 30 * 1.32 and divided by 16 = 96k fame points, that looks correct? Ty for help
  6. I also enjoyed t6 and i want to say that in my opinion the cromwell was a bit overrated, t37 dpm and gun handling simply makes them obsolete. T37 is awesome and i dare to say OP in a t6 matchup. Probably i enjoyed the phase because t37 is so much fun. Tactics were dynamic and at least in the games i played we didn't face any tryhard camping we couldn't break.
  7. Campaign hype!

    1. Siimcy


      QB won't be facing WG </3

    2. Tedster59


      fame points can get clicked.

    3. TheMarine0341


      If you couple please get on an NA account and PM How_Terrible about fame points, that would be greatly appreciated

  8. I agree so much, they have a distgusting attitude also, most of them. PS and they are artapidars
  9. \0/ Tumorogorsk to be removed! \0/

    1. MisterSwift
    2. TheEmptyLord


      The strange thing is that I have now finally made peace with that map.

      Now if they were to remove Malinovka (or rework their changes to invalidate the coast rush strat)...

    3. Siimcy


      Raportet to rich Kappa

      Seriously now, yesterday 3 games with leo1 2x gulagorsk & 1x himmelsdorf Kreygasm

  10. I think the only 2 possibilities are: - Reverse to your spawn and never get spotted again (bad for carrying games) - Insult arty so badly that he feels the urge to leave the game to make a support ticket against you instantly (can do a few times but sadly perma chat bans are a real thing)
  11. I think it's just poor FTR translation, sometimes you didn't get credits/xp nor stats for playing sh, i just think they fixed this, no mention anywhere the stats will be merged.
  12. For physics i suggest "General Physics by M. Sternheim & J. Kane" which is a good basic book, with some extra focus on biological phenomenons & life sciences . Also "Giancoli" which was named before is a great book I've seen some friends using. I personally used Principles of Biochemistry, Lehninger for my biochemistry exam (last year) but it requires some basic knowledge in the matter to start with, like Eladamri said. Links: http://bcs.whfreeman.com/lehninger6e/#t_824263____ http://eu.wiley.com/WileyCDA/WileyTitle/productCd-0471522783.html
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