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  1. I switched from WoT to WT almost a year ago. Decided to revisit WoT recently and instantly remembered why I left. WT was a little difficult to get used to at first especially after playing WoT for several years, but I stuck with it and started learning how shit works (granted WT doesn't do a good job of making the game easy to learn for newcomers) and now I absolutely love playing it. Not saying it is perfect, but I enjoy it so much better than WoT.
  2. 9 TDs on one team. Could MM be anymore broken?

    1. BlackAdder



  3. That sounds so nice, 11 months left for me and I'll be joining you. And when you have an 80 liter tank (~21 gallons) in your car it basically wipes my bank account if I fill up off post on the German economy. On-post: about $45-$55; off-post: 90-120 euros.
  4. 38% win rate in the past 24 hours. Having great games in my Leo 1 the teams are just embarrassingly bad this weekend.

    1. Fulcrous


      Don't play solo with support tanks. Especially on weekends/bonuses

  5. Wtf? 7,781 damage game in my Leo 1 and it is only a 1st class mastery. Unfortunately I wasn't spotting most of my damage so base XP was only 1,095. Where can I find the cut off scores for mastery badges? I got to know what the minimum base XP is for the leo 1.

    1. no_name_cro


      You can always go on wotreplays, and sort the games by date and ace tanker badges. But expect 1,2k exp and above for almost every tier 10.

    2. l3ubba


      Looks like the lowest ace tanker on wotreplays is 1164 base xp. I'm always just a little bit short.

  6. I got some 9s to grind if you want to add me.
  7. Well since I am in Germany I usually play from about 12PM-3PM EDT if I have to work the next day or sometimes I'll play until 7PM EDT if I don't have to work.
  8. Need more friends to spam invites. No stat requirements. I use Teamspeak but don't care if you don't. Mostly play tier 9-10 but have been grinding some 6-8's recently too. Favorite tank is Leo 1 so if you are a Leo 1 driver then we will be best friends. Must be on NA East server (ping from Germany is too high on West).
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