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  1. SH-3 (primary: kill enemy during the first minute, secondary: lose max 3 tanks) secondary objective gets completed even if you quit battle after getting the kill. Yeah. Still stuck on D-8. Yesterday, on a 1 flag map, I already managed to get the required vps and even carried the flag after that to prevent others rushing. Both teams still missing about 300 vps and no flags in play, surely I would get the required two combat support kills easily, right? - No. I'm starting to think I lack the mental hardness/emptiness to survive these missions.
  2. I bought this after price reduction. Gun is great, but lack of depression, armor and camo make it hard to utilize. So far (40ish battles) I've been mostly sucking in it, too aggressive I guess. Poor speed means I can't flee when brown stuff hits the fan. It also means flanking is hard. Should just stick to sniping.
  3. On streams I see people using food/choclate/whatever quite often on this tank. That could explain the negative average income. I tend to derp with this tank a lot, but so far, HEAT spamming seems unnecessary compared to proper AP/HESH switching.
  4. So far, I find the best scenario for this tank is open map & both sides camping. Use view range and camo to spot and aim while staying hidden, reverse in cover after shooting. Gun depression is good even backwards (is it full -10?) so you can turn your hull in advance, ready to flee. Camping enemies let you reload and relocate without problems. When fully aimed, derp can hit quite consistently at 300-400m ranges, maybe with 3/4 hit ratio? Of course the problem is how to get that full aim... target is preferably stationary/slow (and big) or going in straight line. But I don't think RNG is even near arty levels of frustration. Besides, this thing has the mobility to get where needed. I agree that Ru will give more consistent output, but T49 can be very effective as well, as long as the rest of your team is staying alive and keeping enemy busy. And damn it's just fun.
  5. ^ Well said, exactly my feelings. So far, I've seen another T49 only once. This will probably change soon though as the grinders catch up.
  6. Only one 90 mm is listed at gm3d, the T132E3. Is the second 90 mm confirmed?
  7. Gamemodels3d.com seems to have 9.3 supertest data available, here are the 90 mm stats (with top turret): 90 mm T132E3: Penetration (HEP/HEAT/HE) 102/250/45 Damage 320/240/320 Shell velocity 792/853/732 Shell price 350/10g/240 Ammo capacity 46 Reload time 6.3 Aim time 2.3 Accuracy 0.38 (0.4 with stock turret) Shot dispersion factor turret rotation 0.12 after shot 3.5 while gun damaged 2.0 Traverse Arc -180..+180 Elevation arc -10..+20 rear sector -7.8..+20 (40°) transition 5 gunrotationspeed 35.0 Impulse 0.48 Health maximum 170 repaired 85 Weight 653 Price 95 000
  8. Ingame T49 video with 152mm derp (from wotleaks.ru): Nice mobile derp platform. Looks like shell velocity isn't all that bad. Accuracy on the move horrible as expected.
  9. In FTR Q&A 27.8.2014 it was stated that there will be no free tanks in 9.3, and XP spent on Chaffee will not be compensated. So it seems accumulated XP is staying on Chaffee and you have to unlock T37 yourself.
  10. Leos have rear transmission. No idea about the fire chance, although both ingame Leos have it low (10%).
  11. Congratulations! Giveaway, yes please! No need for B2 though.
  12. Back when T34 was moved, you had to have it in garage to get the premium. Pretty sure it will go the same way with FV4202, if they decide to give them out.
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