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  1. It's sad when 9 out of 10 lobbies in gta 5 is full of hackers. Smh

    1. nemlengyel


      I made the mistake of paying money for that game b/c of the overhyped multiplayer mode. Turned out to be a piece of crap.

    2. itsXthomasTAG


      Well to be fair i still enjoy multiplayer, with friends or with pubbies but the amount of hackers are ridiculous. My main problem is finding people to do legitimate heist and mission runs with because all the people i used to play with are never online. 

    3. nemlengyel


      Heck, this thing has been out since February and apparently they still can't control h4x0rs (haven't played in a while, clean Win10 install). This kind of dev commitment is what fosters piracy. Yarrrr, actually give a fuck about the overpriced buggy game you wrote before whining about Jack Sparrow.

  2. Sela, i tried to download the mod this morning and after i clicked the download button on mediafire it gave me this error. Nevermind, i got it to work after noticing other websites were having trouble which lead me to resetting the router. Oh and if you want, would you like to talk via pm about the config i have?
  3. Tried it about a month or two ago and wasn't to impressed with it. I have a level 25-30 character of each class on there and experimented with the skills a lot which is the one thing i loved about it, but the armor system leave me hanging a lot and after awhile the game became dull to me. I'm literally able to get from rank 1 to 20 in a hour or so.
  4. Just a config i tinkered with and moved the text above the tanks around, had to use WN6 though since WN8 never shows up for me. As for the mods i use the ones you're using except i've been wanting the author of meltys sights to make the sniper score #1 look exactly like the arcade scope #1. I hate the sniper scope. XD
  5. Glad i'll maybe fit in, but i've used your mods a couple of times and then made my own custom xvm config, sadly if i could combine yours with mine i'd be perfectly happy. On another note i'll watch your stream once i find the link again. Saw it somewhere but already lost it lol. I'm pretty sure if i haven't regained my gag reflexes after playing 85% of my career with pubbies then i highly doubt sela will bring it back lol.
  6. Amen to that! Doubt i can be scarred anymore then i already have been, but we'll see lol. Being bold does work everytime, well.. sometimes i get slapped. :\
  7. So let me start out with stating that i'm not a bad poaster but i'm not an excellent poaster, nor am i good with introductions but due to the deteriorating state of the wot forums i decided to check out the wotlabs forums and see what's going on here. Now i have been lurking around here for some time but hadn't deemed making an account nessicary until now. Anyways, i hope everyone is having a good morning so far.
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