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  1. Out of the ice tanks the tier 6 and the two tier 5's are good. Obj 430 is the worst pos tier 3 tank in the game imo. The tier 4 OF40 is extremely bad as well imo.
  2. At least the camos in this game look pretty awesome...
  3. The upper plate seems much stronger. I somehow bounced two isu shots off of it...
  4. Looking at those screens it looks like you can buy a tier 9 VK4502A with 10 steel + 10 gold...
  5. When QB says he finds it hard to get meaningful footage what he really means is that he can't get any of his usual 4-5 kill 5k+ damage games he likes to post in his videos because the tank sucks too much.
  6. Pretty unplayable in its current form I think. The armor profile is pretty much the worst of any t10 heavy by a big margin. Arty bait, gold round is insufficient to allow shooting e100's and mauses in the turret reliably making it utterly incapable of brawling.
  7. The tier 10 is basically the same layout except with presumably thicker armor even... Depending on how thick the side armor is you might be able to sidescrape while hiding the shoulder. I bet this is going to play like an E-100 but with a more complex/harder to use armor layout.
  8. I think this thing is designed to wreck current pref 8's that literally can't damage it without their gold rounds. An IS-6 or KV-5 is going to be particularly useless against this, even with APCR. I think this is a step in getting people to switch to non pref T8 premiums.
  9. It can't be worse than the black prince but I don't see why I would want a non pref T7 prem with a weak gun that struggles against tier 8 heavies and is completely worthless against most tier 9 tanks.
  10. The 45 token part is not too hard to do but the 200k xp and 200 kill part is essentially impossible for anyone who doesn't play at least 10+ hours a day...
  11. Hell you might be able to fit an ELC under the tank.
  12. It's a tier 7. This thing is going to be over twice as tall as every other tank at that tier.
  13. Looking at it again this thing is so tall that if you can get a smallish tank right up to it it won't be able to shoot down. It's also impossible to hull-down since it's about 1/3 taller than that E-100...
  14. This thing has pretty good frontal armor. From anything but the front though the "shoulders" get much easier to pen. As a tier 7 the typical guns it would face at the same tier would be in the 200 pen range or lower so it looks like it will dominate low tiers and be catastrophically bad against tier 9s...
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