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  1. I have the same problem as well. In sniper mode the camera goes maximum up in the air, and it costed me a lot couple of times. Just to note, I use always shift key, i disabled the mouse scroll option to enter sniper mode. Maybe when scrolling this doesn't happen?
  2. In sniper mode, to the sides of the center of the aiming circle, there are "lines" that look similar to this: ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ I try to align those with the ridge line when I am looking at the opponents, and this is a quick way to get a decent hull down, when you don't have time for micro adjustments.
  3. Thanks. And the mission is actually 4x the damage (my bad, sorry ), so it is not as hard as I thought. Someone suggested something a bit alternative, but might make the mission quite easy....: arty
  4. Resurrecting this topic again... Any tank choice suggestion for the mission to do 5x your hit points worth of dmg (USA/UK/Poland) mission for Chimera? Maybe super hellcat? 3200dmg is the target? How likely it is to be done in grand battles with something like FV183, or E3 or 60TP? Generally i don't play GB, but for this one I would turn it on.
  5. 3MAJ86

    IS-2 Shielded

    Russian med on level 3 is actually quite good. DPM is good, and you get 2 incendiary shells plus off map arty thing sets them on fire, so this adds up really a lot to the total dmg in the end. it is pain getting them to level 3 though. At least for me it was.
  6. 3MAJ86

    IS-2 Shielded

    Is any tank, other than IS (1, 2, 2V) worth playing in this game mode? I have tried them all, but IS is simply superior. It has huge gun (compared to others) and can bounce shots. Churchill can also bounce a bit, but it is slow, so you spend more time driving than shooting. And is there any reason to play more than one type of vehicle? When you reach tier 3, you get much more xp, so no point in going back to play tier 1? Or am I missing something completely?
  7. I did it with Grille on Lakeville. http://wotreplays.eu/site/3877045#lakeville-3maj86-grille_15 that is the link to the replay, although it is quite old, and probably won't run in current client version.
  8. For that you can wiggle your tank, which is a skill right?
  9. Like good map design, where there is more than one optimal way to play it. All the maps in current rotation have more or less predefined opening positions for each type of vehicle. You know where the heavies will be, you know where the TDs will camp and so on. Compare Frontline mode vs. Random battles. Frontline is much more chaotic, unpredictable, and therefore FUN!
  10. @Pipinghot Well, i stand corrected. Yes i didn't check the data, i based my assumption upon "The International", and the fact that WoT doesn't have the tournament of that size. At least not that I know.
  11. @Pipinghot : You make sound points, but I will have to disagree with you that excessive amount of RNG is good for the game. and that WoT would be dead without it. I believe a good counter example to it is Dota, a game I played quite excessively before moving on to WoT. Dota is extremely skill based game, and by several orders of magnitude more complex than WoT. And yet it is one of the most popular games in the world with one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) esport scene in the world. In Dota, RNG is not a significant factor. Yes there are some heroes and items that do rely on RNG, but they are mostly used "for fun" and are stayed away from in competitive environment. Yes, you can argue that there is a respawn in Dota, but the death is quite costly both for you and for the entire team, while in FPS respawn games, your death has very small impact, and stats are mostly tracked individually, so in most of the cases, it doesn't even matter for the team. So in this sense i argue that Dota is more similar to WoT than it is to a FPS with respawn. Why don't bads leave Dota, and why it is not a dead game, since normal distribution of skill is valid there as well? My answer to that is because Dota offers something for everyone. And the biggest difference is in the high end, where WoT completely fails, and Dota shines. And this is EXACTLY because of the RNG. WoT will never be a serious eSport, due to the high RNG bullshit in the game, because no sane player that invests his whole life in gaming, and is making a living out of it will subject his well being in life to RNGesus. So those that do remain in the competitive scene of WoT, i believe are mostly true tank-loving people that are there because of the community, and that majority of them have another source of income. High end part of the game is where WoT failed utterly, and it is mostly due to the RNG, and I strongly believe that the highest churn is exactly in this group of people (relative to the group size of course). Unfortunately i don't have data to back this up, so it will remain on the level of assumption.
  12. What do you mean they rotate? You choose them for each tank. Lights get 3, TDs get 2, meds and heavies get 1. I have no idea how much the clickers get, i don't play that shit
  13. Capping as well. I am running "engineering" on all tanks I play, and try to cap wherever possible. Although i play exclusively solo, i saw a lot of time 3-man platoons, with engineering rushing cap, and it seemed like a strong tactic.
  14. I didn't have much time to play, but when I did play, i spammed mostly Obj907. Also, going for tracking shots is often time better than going for damage. I had several 2-chevron matches where i had ~1000dmg but shitload of assist. Type 5 seems like a easymode. Like someone already mentioned, you need 3 shots in high alpha tanks in order to gain/not lose chevron in win/loss, which is something above 2000 actual dmg. For Type 5 it is 4 - 5 shots, which is easy to do due to the huge HP pool, and retarded HE mechanics. I don't have the tank, so i can't confirm it, but seeing that each team has at least 3 of these in almost every match i think is enough of an evidence. Also, arty seems to earn a lot of XP due to the stun mechanics. Targets are stunned for ages, and collecting assist dmg seems easy. I also see a lot of shitters (48% players for example) playing E4/E3 or even JPE100 with HE spam, and they managed to reach fairly high ranks. Just spam HE, so even if you are a 48% player, you will reach high ranks.
  15. The fact that yesterday i played 19 matches in my freshly bought lorraine - all solo, and out of those 19, 2 matches were not tier 10, tells me that you got all of mine top tier games lol. And those 2 were full tier 8 games, so literally i didn't see a tank that was lower tier than me. in 19 games...
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