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  1. I got both the tech tree tier 10 (i hoarded freexp and blueprints, since I've researched all other tanks) and the premium. Tier X is broken as fuck. It could be the new meta tank, maybe even a chieftain killer in competent hands. I had so much fun in a few battles I've played it. almost 1000 dmg burst is insane, and with turbo on it, you get to positions to actually double tap someone quite often, and before they are aware what is happening, half of their HP pool is missing. Premium one is also interesting as well. I played some games with turbo, but the gun is too derpy. After, i
  2. USSR bounce mission should be easy with obj 257. Module dmg mission is easy with Obj268, with HE. I wouldn't skip those. Top Gun mission is the only one (non-final) that I skipped. Hero medals mission, confederate is quite an easy one to get. Track shots also count to "tag" the enemy. Taking any fast tank with pewpew gun will do this.
  3. So i just bounced this shot https://i.imgur.com/s4VtVI8.jpg

    a bit to the side of the E75 ass. I checked on Tanksgg at that angle he has around 130mm effective armor. Minimal pen roll with T-34-3 is 139.5. I have no clue what happened and i'm seriously pissed. It was almost point-blank shot, so no distance drop off to explain it. 8UDDPkH.jpg

    Not to mention that the E75 in question is 46% player... 

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Private_Miros


      Probably hit under the tank into the track, missing the hitbox.

    3. 3MAJ86


      No, check the link from battle hits. I hit him in the ass, and bounced. 

    4. ZXrage


      Uhh bro just be lucky???

  4. I got my hands on the tier 8 EBR, so I'm not complaining
  5. Any idea how much silver to bid for the Goldie on Black Market (on EU)?

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    2. 3MAJ86


      It looks really nice. Much more stylish than Goldie59. I have around 50mil to burn, but i want to save sth for T22 if it appears

    3. 3MAJ86


      I got it for 30.6mil. Clanmates say that lowest bid was around 26.5mil, so i didn't overpay too much. 

    4. Bobi_Kreeg


      Fire breath tells everyone you are on reload. Why would you want that? :)

  6. I think the current crew system does need a rework. What annoys me the most is that, for example, the driver has really a lot of useful skills - actually all his skills are useful, while radio operator and loader except for one skill (situational awareness and safe stowage), have completely and utterly useless skills. Also in smaller crews, it is extra frustration when the loader is not the radio operator, but that role is on commander... On the other hand side, having small crews is way worse, because 4-people crew with 3.5 skills has almost everything they need, while 2-people crew (li
  7. Finally 3-marked this thing! After the buff, I 3-marked it in one day, from 81% to 95%. The buff to this tank is substantial! here are some good battles: http://wotreplays.eu/site/5794998#berlin-3maj86-t-34-3 http://wotreplays.eu/site/5795614#el_halluf-3maj86-t-34-3 http://wotreplays.eu/site/5796263#westfield-3maj86-t-34-3 http://wotreplays.eu/site/5796327#mines-3maj86-t-34-3 and the 3-mark battle which was ok-ish: http://wotreplays.eu/site/5796328#siegfried_line-3maj86-t-34-3 P.S. How to put spoile
  8. Exactly this is my biggest issue as well. I wrote two huge posts on the official forum only for this part. And in their FAQ, they claimed as "the price in the new system is slightly lower". It is sooooooooooo not true. It is true only for gold conversions and for the big crews of 5 and 6. XP penalty is humongous! And credits penalty is significantly higher (between 40 and 120k in current vs. 500k in the new system).
  9. I think this system will fuck new players sideways. I managed to pull my wife into WoT, and she has interesting strategy. She is stopping at tier 6, and grinding crews there until they have 3 full skills before proceeding to tier 7. in the new system, the moment she decides to move to tier 7, she will be punished with 10% of the crew XP (assuming she will pay silver, but not gold for the conversion). And another 10% whenever she advances up a tier. Before, players like her would lose only 10% of the major qualification, which is like 10-11k of xp, which can be compensated for quite quickly.
  10. So you must love digging out the campers on Steppes, or from the forest of Malinovka, even if you cornered the opposing team on 20% of the map, but there is still a chance that you will be punished for actually playing actively? I really call BS on this sudden love for Komarin by everyone. That map was embodiment of everything that you all claim to hate in today's map pool. It was a campfest shit and it's good that it is gone. Hopefully for good.
  11. I have a feeling that TD meta is back on EU... it is the worst meta of all.

    I hope I am wrong. 

    1. GehakteMolen


      yeah a lot of TDs last days, i guess its more due to 122 marathon as td meta though (I hope...)

  12. ... and on top of that has preferential matchmaking
  13. I really want to emphasize this part, as why I think HE in the current form is wrong and needs a rework. The problem when OP tanks take dominant positions and can't be flanked, is not a problem that should be solved with a game mechanics that removes skill from the game (i hope we agree that shooting HE in general area of the target for guaranteed 300 dmg does not require a lot of skill). Damage shouldn't come for free (and that is why everyone who is interested in skillful play has issue with arty in the game) This is the problem of poor map design (no opportunities to flank dominant pos
  14. Believe it or not i liked the tier 10. Not because it is a good tank, but because it teaches me patience and discipline, of which I have none. I have learned to hold the shot, because if you unload, you will wait ages to reload again, even a single shell. I have learned to carefully pre-aim, because even though the gun is quite accurate, if you move to aim, you can't hit anything. Don't even try to hit anything unless fully aimed. Chasing EBRs is out of the question, so what needs to be done is to pre-aim and wait for them to drive into the direction of the reticle. And also I lik
  15. Oh come on, what flexibility, when it was a campfest map? Whichever flank you chose, (left, right or that small island) you were locked there, and the only option was to push, or to wait enemies to do so. And the outcome is usually as it is for example on Airfield map today - whoever pushes first loses. It was almost impossible to change flanks after you committed to one, because there were "holes" in cover enough to get you slaughtered by camping snipers in matter of seconds, specially on the water crossings that were in the corners. And even after you cleared out most of the ene
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