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  1. 3MAJ86


    Necroing the topic, as this line is currently "Top of the tree" on EU. I used blueprints, freexp and the fact that I had the last gun researched, basically to start this line from tier 9, fully upgraded (other than tracks). Boy oh boy what a huge piece of crap this tank is (at least in my hands). 440 Alpha is great. Pen is good. There is 340 pen HEAT when needed. Mobility is good. Gun handling is bad, but having in mind I play T-34-3 a lot, it is playable, i don't complain much... but damn this tank is not flexible. The lack gun depression is killing me. Literally can't shoot at lower plate of the tank that is standing on the same flat ground as I am. I am trying so hard to craft some angles just to be able to shoot at the opponents, but almost always end up overexposing and getting into horrible trades. Then I try to play conservatively, but that means staying in the back a bit, but long range shots are unreliable at best. I just can't make this tank work. Any advice would be highly appreciated. I was searching through Youtube for some content, but all what I've found is quite old. Nobody plays this tank anymore? Having in mind that every newly introduced line is hulldown ridge line fighter, no wonder that players are flocking towards those, and away from WZ-120. Anyone playing it at successfully at the moment, willing to share some advice and/or replays?
  2. To be honest, i thought of this All the replays I sent to you are full ones, even when I died like in 2nd minute of the game
  3. So, while Rexxie is analyzing our replays, I did a simple spreadsheet from the data collected. I wanted to check does something change in my performance, and I think it does! Have a look at the image below: (NO column means no anonymizer, and YES obviously means yes ) Each tank has 20 battles, 10 with and 10 without, except for T-34-3 where I messed up, and accidentally didn't include one replay in analysis, so there is 9 battles in "YES" part and 10 in "NO". So when using, I win more, I do more damage, I kill more opponents, but interestingly I have lower assisted damage! This is telling me, that subconsciously I am playing more aggressive with anonymizer than without. Personally i didn't feel any difference about getting focused more or less. The only thing what happened is that I got toxic, post-game message once, and this happened while not using the anonymizer. I play with the chat turned off, so I can't measure level of toxicity during the battles. Also what might be the case is low number of battles. For example, i had really shitty sessions with E5. I got set on fire so many times. It happened that 2 battles in a row i got lit with the first shot i received, practically starting my game with 1/3 of my hitpoints. On the other hand side, with Obj430U i got a monster 7000 dmg game, which is pulling the average up. Maybe it wouldn't be bad that, those participating in the experiment also check their own performance. Are you changing something in your play? Maybe you are doing it subconsciously! What do you think?
  4. I'm like 60% of the way in making my 80 replays. Sorry it takes more time. Also I will play 4 tanks, 20 games each, 10 on and 10 off. Is it fine with you? I first said I will play T-34-3, but having in mind it has preferential matchmaking it may distort some of the KPIs that you will be observing.
  5. Does anybody know is it possible to get the multiples of the same decal for the same tank (without having to pay gold for it)? For example, when you get final "Ace Tanker" decal, you can only place one of it on the tank, for one type of map, which sucks. Is there any way to get another one for free (by maybe earning few more masteries)?

    1. Private_Miros


      Nope, but since Winter and Desert maps are rare, just place them on the Summer maps. And know you can resize them. There's nothing more ugly than those large misplaced emblems. Though I like them small and well-placed where possible, and actually like the addition.

    2. GehakteMolen


      large and misplaces is ofc the way to go :P

  6. I think that there is a difference, and also the amount of toxic messages I get after the battle is lower (i guess bads are lazy to check player stats after the battle, as they can't just look you up in the player search after they are killed early on - they just switch to another tank and move on). And I am far from super unicum, but when you change your overall to blue, you kind of stand out from majority of orange / yellow / green players. Of course this is subjective, as I don't have the data to back it up. But at the same time, i stopped playing wot for more than a year, and i returned to the game after anonymizer was introduced. I have been using it ever since. But I am willing to participate in the experiment. I am trying (for the n-th time) to 3-mark the T-34-3. I will play 40 games with and without anonymizer. Just tell me, is it critical to stay in each battle until it ends, or I can leave the battle when I get killed?
  7. I am frustrated with the amount of randomness in this mode. Much more depends on your spawn relative to the opponents, and on spawn of the drops relative to you and, the most frustrating, the bullshit bounces. Armor pen indicator is useless and more often than not counter-productive, as it will lead you to believe that you will pen when you will not, and the game doesn't offer possibility to see the armor layout of different tanks to see the actual weakspots, specially when facehugging opponent. Apart from cupolas, some tanks have some hatches that can be penned with higher alpha ammo (German one has something resembling driver's hatch on it's right side, when you look at it from the front).
  8. I have the same problem as well. In sniper mode the camera goes maximum up in the air, and it costed me a lot couple of times. Just to note, I use always shift key, i disabled the mouse scroll option to enter sniper mode. Maybe when scrolling this doesn't happen?
  9. In sniper mode, to the sides of the center of the aiming circle, there are "lines" that look similar to this: ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ I try to align those with the ridge line when I am looking at the opponents, and this is a quick way to get a decent hull down, when you don't have time for micro adjustments.
  10. Thanks. And the mission is actually 4x the damage (my bad, sorry ), so it is not as hard as I thought. Someone suggested something a bit alternative, but might make the mission quite easy....: arty
  11. Resurrecting this topic again... Any tank choice suggestion for the mission to do 5x your hit points worth of dmg (USA/UK/Poland) mission for Chimera? Maybe super hellcat? 3200dmg is the target? How likely it is to be done in grand battles with something like FV183, or E3 or 60TP? Generally i don't play GB, but for this one I would turn it on.
  12. 3MAJ86

    IS-2 Shielded

    Russian med on level 3 is actually quite good. DPM is good, and you get 2 incendiary shells plus off map arty thing sets them on fire, so this adds up really a lot to the total dmg in the end. it is pain getting them to level 3 though. At least for me it was.
  13. 3MAJ86

    IS-2 Shielded

    Is any tank, other than IS (1, 2, 2V) worth playing in this game mode? I have tried them all, but IS is simply superior. It has huge gun (compared to others) and can bounce shots. Churchill can also bounce a bit, but it is slow, so you spend more time driving than shooting. And is there any reason to play more than one type of vehicle? When you reach tier 3, you get much more xp, so no point in going back to play tier 1? Or am I missing something completely?
  14. I did it with Grille on Lakeville. http://wotreplays.eu/site/3877045#lakeville-3maj86-grille_15 that is the link to the replay, although it is quite old, and probably won't run in current client version.
  15. For that you can wiggle your tank, which is a skill right?
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