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  1. Hmm, not really. Both patton and T-54 can bounce unreal amount of stuff - not talking autocannons, but other MBT guns. Some enemy T-54 that bounced four of my T-54's shots from his LFP at ~150 m took the cake yesterday.
  2. I've been running pure vanilla for the past year or so and in the last two patches started to notice a lot more fully aimed shots that just seem to disappear into nothing.
  3. Don't give up, m8, I got the discount I wanted - for XFU4-1, only this morning, a day before ending. Got 10 discounts with ~200 tokens, which means about 250 RnG prayers sacrificed lambs slot machine rolls. All tokens gotten through missions/login. Most of these discounts came among the last 50 tokens used. #tinfoilhat As for the missiles ... OH MY FUCKING GOD YES EDIT: btw, first use of guided missiles in AA combat was in 1958 in Taiwan Straight, where Taiwanese sabres, hastily jury-rigged with prototype AIM-9 sidewinders, pew pewd Chinese Mig-17s.
  4. Ran with XVM and Jimbo's for almost two years, now I'm clean for about a year. No mods, only cheats. I'm more relaxed and more focused.
  5. Autoaim is a tool for noobs and pros alike.
  6. Tanks that have their turret at the front of the chassis (for ex. IS3), should be sidescraping in reverse.
  7. RBS, you're quote off the mark concerning USA planes these days. Germans, yes, but USA? Which ones? Mustangs?? Please. You can hardly see a P-51 in a match these days, because they were nerfed big time. Of course, you'd have known that if you had actually played the game. I'm with rock on this one.
  8. Stuka in its classic divebombing version isn't really suitable for the kind of gameplay that's present in WoWp atm. You don't win GAA subgame by bombing only, but by bombing AND shooting at GT. Stuka B had a horrible forward-facing armament. Which is why AT Stuka G is the first version introduced into the game.
  9. Ye I feel you guys. Past midnight, when player count on EU server drops under 800, it's quite painful to play. Nice one.
  10. Guise ... :D These weaknesses you list are kinda alien to me, so it's all a matter of personal preference, I'd say. Pity you don't enjoy the games. I do, for the time being. Maybe just an answer to this: They added loads of new stuff from bot mode to better training mode, replays, +1T MM and fixed controls that they fubared in 1.5. I play with mouse and keyboard and am happy atm. Game flow may have been better in some aspects in alpha test, but that's all that was better then. I think it's just grumpiness getting in your way of enjoying the game. But then, if I was playing on
  11. Both WT:GF and WoWp are a lot better now than they were at their introduction. But since initial impressions are most important, people tend to be oblivious to all the changes and just trumpet "this and that is just bad", without even having the slightest clue. Stop acting like children.
  12. As far as EU and Russian servers go, they said they're making a profit. Whether it's a sensible one to keep the business running, is another matter.
  13. They toned autoaiming down a lot. The only instance where it's possible to observe it is when the pilot has crack shot skill learned - it seems that one doesn't just lower the spread, but actually autoaims a bit.
  14. Come on, read the news more carefully, you got clickbaited by SS. WoWp part of the studio is unaffected. The closed part is Kharkov division, which wasn't working on WoWp anyway (except some web stuff).
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