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  1. Play the Tiger. Fantastic tank after the buff. My new favorite tier 7, I don't play the T29 anymore because the Tiger gets first pick now. 5.5 sec reload, with great accuracy and very good pen for tier (gold round always works). Also the HP pool is great for late game cleanup, and the turret armor can bounce when hulldown against most equal tier tanks. Over 65% wins after 500 battles, about 250 before the buff, and about 70% solo play. Consider the Comet, and as someone else mentioned, the Brit mediums seem to be undervalued. edit: I want the Cent 7/1 but won't move on from the Comet
  2. I don't doubt that. It's been stated that the guns pledge ships start out with are low level compared to what will be available in the PU. I have no problem with the pledge though, because with the Alpha and Beta access, I'll be playing the game a year sooner then waiting for release. Plus, because no post Beta wipe, what you build before release stays with you, so no wasted time. Also, I really wanted to give another Dev my money.
  3. The LN will be a very useful ship, need that cargo capacity to make money, something my SH doesn't have. Plus the Devs have stated that they don't want the Aurora to be a ship that people feel they "need" to move past to do well. Your LN has the added hardpoints, and the upgraded guns you can earn in game will be worthwhile. And on top of that, buying new ships is supposedly not going to be a huge grind, nothing like the WoT grind As for LTI, there are a few people on this forum that can help you out, no risk because reputation matters. Send a PM to one of them There is a thread on the
  4. Have you seen the youtube vids by AnythingFPS? Game modder. Has a "clean" Avenger that is pretty sweet looking. Even better then the game, crazy as it sounds. He has a few very awesome vids
  5. You guys planning on going through Squadron 42 for the perks, i.e. citizenship and possibly ability to purchase some higher grade military equipment, or straight to the PU?
  6. If you need an escort to help you make some runs in your Aurora, give me a shout. If I'm logged in and around I'll help out
  7. These questions have been hashed out extensively on the SC forums. Super Hornet has more pluses the you might think, against the Hornet or Constellation. But It does have drawbacks as well. A well armed constellation variant will probably run over $300 pledge, making the SH look cheap, also the Con needs a crew for maximum effectiveness. Different roles for sure I figure it will be easier at the start to build assets flying solo in a ship with less overhead, compared to the Constellation. Plus, a well rounded fleet probably includes a premier fighter so I will keep it around if I move on
  8. If you own the Super Hornet: Please Allow as many ships as possible to destroy you while offering little resistance. Do not go around kicking everyone's ass right from the start. We don't want this thing "adjusted" in any way Feel free to fight other SHs hard as you want thank you
  9. Lol thanks. 3rd name I've had so hopefully it's getting better. Already have a name picked out for #4 when it gets to that
  10. I've found over time, I have developed a huge disdain for the group that moves to the north from the west spawn. More often then not, the congregate in one spot and won't move for the majority of the match, no matter what develops. It is rare they even move far enough north to effectivly spot the east sides far north group. For this reason I prefer the east spawn because at least the pubs will get involved one way or another
  11. Very well said, exactly my viewpoint. I know, for the most part, where enemy tanks will deploy on each map. Also, almost always, pubs on my team yolospot anyway. I try to get in position to take advantage of this, but don't put alot of value in my personal initial spots I understand and respect the value of being aggressive and taking key areas quickly, which may result in high spot numbers. But, as a majority solo player, I have found that I end up alone, unsupported, and overwhelmed more often then not when playing this way, so I don't do it very often anymore. If my spots suffer, then s
  12. Appreciate your opinion and advice My thread was to talk about the resulting rating specifically I am confident that 2.25 kills/game at tier 10 is a solid number. So I suppose to be perfectly clear, what is the corresponding damage number needed to result in a higher WN. Appears 3800 is not that good so I'll try to move that up maybe I'll adjust playstyle, depends. I don't camp much, but I don't spot much either. But, again, playstyle wasn't my question, the math was. But thanks again Ok, Praetor, appreciate the heads up on a formula change and a resulting higher rating. But ev
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