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  1. clicked to death 3 games in a row, then TK'd in the first 3 minutes of the fourth.  Today is not my day.

  2. Playing the 113, and i've bounced off of a bat 4 times within five battles. How

  3. Of course you make your first post here on the same day that i decide to reinstall. one of us must somehow be stalking the other.
  4. I'm always looking for more people to spam invites at, I'll add ya to my list.
  5. If your account hasnt been pulled up by wotlabs before, they dont have a record of you acount so they can't give you your recents, wait a few days and it should start to show up
  6. Going from 5k recent to 4k recent while having 3k while still have all your averages raising, even though it could be at a worse rate then it use to be.
  7. Holy fuck arty is easier to play drunk then sober, this is the best way to grind.  You get the RNG of a shitter!

    1. rojo180


      Seems accurate enough.

  8. Finally got internet hooked up to my new apartment, so what better way to celebrate moving to a new city than to sit on my computer all weekend long winning free pixels? I should be able to make every battle and can buy pretty much any tank I need to, along with retraining a good crew. I know I've done other tournies with people on here and did quite well in them, so hopefully they'll speak up and lie for me so I seem better then I really am.
  9. I carried you to all that gold last week, least you can do is carry my Panther 2 for a while! :^)
  10. As far as I know, I would be able to make all battles and can get any tank needed if you'll have me.
  11. Judging by the bump, you're still looking? I have no life and can make pretty much any tourny i need to if you need/want me.
  12. 106 damage away from my TD mission and the pubs cap out just as i turn the corner for my last shot :(

  13. He's just lucky we were there to carry him so hard.
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