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  1. There ARE areas in the corner that LOOK like ice, but sadly, are not
  2. Awesome map for a light...there are sheer-dropoffs on far side from which they can't shoot you, just find a good spot and watch the assisted damage roll in
  3. I assume the same thing that finally killed vBaddict--WOT changed everything that had to do with battle results. At least the guys here can probably deal with it
  4. Well, I suppose the most recent post being last YEAR is a tell.....omg I'm failing hard in this...ought have bought the Leo1, which suits my playstyle better. Lost 8 matches in a row one night trying to get X2
  5. T71...most fun tank EVER (managed to win something like 5 of 14 in a otherwise typical night of late) http://wotreplays.com/site/3699060#overlord-fbomb-t71
  6. Not related...anyone notice that WG removed the 'Maps' subforum? I guess they're tired of hearing people bitch about the same maps over and over
  7. I haven't cracked 40% any night in a week, fucking mind-numbing. I don't do win chance (which apparently doesn't work anymore ANYway) But you know when the stats of all your top tiers look that that guy, and my wn8 is the highest in a tier 10 match, the outcome isn't in doubt
  8. Every battle...a sea of tier 4 people driving IS7's and E100's. You just can't overcome that shit. One argument says 'fail your way up there'...THEN learn to play.....the other is master the FIRST tank, before running up the line...culminating with a tier 4 guy in a T57 at 4k matches. I don't think those guys can possibly learn that way---they get pounded over and over at tier 10, where they simply can't live long enough to realize their mistakes...and eventually cower in back, thus ensuring their team's loss
  9. I've always used a 570 trackball for gaming (ball is manipulated with your thumb). Is that a detriment to killing red thingies? I've really no basis for comparison
  10. Absolutely love this tank. The only thing I could free-xp was the engine (Had a near 4-skill crew to plunk in it) The stock gun has 181 pen...I've yet to use gold, averaging 1600 or so damage thus far (admittedly, only 8 battles, this may simply be the 'honeymoon' period we sometimes get) Pity it's so slow
  11. I love this tank. Last night, I had a battle where I actually DID use all my ammo..slightly over 3k damage dealt, plus some spotting I think (tier 7 battle, 2 line south on Prok) Ace, high cal. Lost. of course
  12. yeah I have the replay, I'm thinking I stopped to fire under the bridge, and the guy just drove straight into me. I'll see if I can figure how to post it
  13. Hellcat--I have high caliber guaranteed, 5 kills, less than 100 hp left, and we have a shitter kv2 wandering about. Gonna kill their td/arty, game won, top gun. KV2 blunders into me...kills me. Arty immediately kills him. "Palsgrave"
  14. What to do with this tank on certain maps eludes me thus far. I consider myself a competent med player, but this thing isn't a pershing, t20 nor crommy. Ruinburg eats me up every time.
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