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  1. So much. OP asks for help, people offer help, OP gets mad at legitimate help that is offered. If you want to skip school because you feel like you ought to be able to, then fine. But don't get pissy when you ask to miss even more school to go play video games in Poland but get denied because you already skipped too much school. Or at least don't whine about it directly when you're asking for a special exception. And just wait to see how well it goes over when you ask your boss to skip work to play video games even though you've used all your vacation days. tl;dr your appeal has problems and you should work on those instead of attacking the people offering needed criticism.
  2. Pretty much. The writeup makes you sound like a whiny little bitch too: "I should be allowed to do this because... I want to, and these Internet people support me!" Give a more detailed, supportive argument laying out why you should be allowed an exception. Are students granted exceptions for other competition like sports, music etc.? Lay out the kind of things you've been learning, and how you've kept up a solid academic record while doing so. Any other extracurricular activities, job etc.? If you can make a convincing argument that you're mature enough to be capable of getting caught up you'll have a much better chance.
  3. I use OBS too. I've found that Shadowplay, Razer Cortex and other one-click solutions make a lot of compromises to bitrate and quality for the sake of smooth gameplay. See https://obsproject.com/forum/resources/how-to-make-high-quality-local-recordings.16/ for some helpful relevant detail. With the buffer set to 0 the system manages the bitrate automatically to hit the desired quality target. Changing to 60fps makes a BIG difference in the appearance of smoothness of game content. Windows Movie Maker is easy to use but is limited to 30 fps last I checked. I have my workflow set up so that I mostly work from and narrate live over the replay for no editing, but when I do edit I use Adobe Premiere. It's not free though and has quite a learning curve. A 930M and a laptop are not really well suited to a serious video editing workload. You're going to need to keep your goals realistic, and some patience, tweaking and experimentation are going to be necessary. Huge files also kind of come with the territory when you want to make 1080p60fps video and worry about quality too. I also use Handbrake to compress after recording to speed uploading since I have a slow upstream connection, but that's an optional step. The default settings are pretty decent.
  4. In short, events around the time of the problems you're having. Look especially for the red critical system errors for clues as to what's going on. http://www.howtogeek.com/school/using-windows-admin-tools-like-a-pro/lesson3/ Could be any number of things causing this weirdness and absent a specific error message you're otherwise just left switching things out hoping to find the problem by chance.
  5. Could be any number of things. What does Event Viewer tell you?
  6. People keep talking about it like it's inevitable or could actually happen, but I don't ever see a server merge happening unless they implement worldwide server roaming first across all their products. They've been talking about this for years but have never implemented because each time they look at it they decide it's too complicated from technical and business perspectives. As it stands now with gold, premium time and free XP shared between games they can't merge just one game alone. And merging servers brings all kinds of challenges like regionalizing CW, gold pricing etc. If US and EU players could go to the RU server and buy dirt cheap gold because of the weak ruble, it would turn the game economy upside down. They'd also never want laggy EU and NA players threatening the experience in the home market either. nor would they want to risk upsetting things in their one game that's actually successful.
  7. Asus' AI Suite software is pretty decent and does ratio only by default but BCLK can be enabled (hint: don't do this unless you know what you're doing, in which case don't do it anyway). If you know what you're doing and are willing to put time into research, stress testing and such you can do a better job tweaking yourself but it's a pretty good quick-and-dirty start point if nothing else. If you take the automated OC point and turn the multiplier down one notch you're almost certain to have a safe, stable machine that's faster than stock with minimal effort and learning curve. Some people just want a computer, not a new hobby. Ai Suite is great for those people.
  8. T8 premiums will be rolled out over the course of the summer during similar War Cache mission events. Could be worse I guess. What's strange is that not only are none of them available for cash from the gift shop, neither are any other planes right now. It feels like a missed opportunity to finally fill out the upper tiers with some numbers, since tier X has been basically unplayable since launch. The foil hats might say that they're trying to limit their exposure for refunds in case they decide to finally pull the plug on this game, but it's probably just designed to make the initial influx more gradual and prevent a deluge of 15 vs. 15 Type 59 battles like with what happened in WoT in the early days. Although the game eventually got over it, it was somewhat disruptive at the time and drove away a lot of F2P players who screamed about wallet warriors. No idea about the missiles though. I'm hoping they're just large unguided rockets.
  9. Stock cooling is *just fine* if you're not overclocking or running extreme loads 24/7. The engineers designed them to be able to cool the unit perfectly well under stock speeds and voltages. The enormous majority of CPUs sold the world over use stock coolers and never have thermal problems. Even AIO closed loops add a radiator that has to be installed. Agree that it's not rocket science, but it does add some difficulty figuring out airflow etc.
  10. Water is nifty, can dispose of more heat for extreme loads or overclocks, and runs quieter. You can use an all-in-one water cooler (I like Corsair's) if you want to run a bigtime overclock for epeen points or build an especially quiet PC. It's a little more expensive and difficult to use an all-in-one water cooler, and makes very little seat of pants fps difference. Air is completely adequate for 99.9% of users, is cheaper, easier to install and will never ever leak ever no matter what. If budget and difficulty are important considerations, air is a perfectly good solution. It's also fairly easy to swap in an all-in-one water cooler later if you decide to. Hell, for that matter even the stock air cooler that comes with the CPU is entirely adequate if you don't overclock. And it's free. Laptops and prebuilt PCs generally aren't designed with games in mind and tend to make a lot of compromises to cooling for the sake of size/compactness/weight/cost since it's adequate for most users. You can add a couple case fans to add add'l airflow if you really want some extra peace of mind, but it's generally not necessary unless you're really taxing the system or running a crazy overclock. The NZXT case Never picked already includes 2 fans even.
  11. +1 can confirm. You can spend more if you want to but you don't need to unless you're doing heavy overclocking, in which case you're probably not asking these questions here because you already know what you're doing. The marginal returns drop off dramatically past its price point. Really good build. If we need to squeeze some from the budget to accommodate the peripherals, I'd go with a 4690k instead and then maybe consider adding the HDD later. Core i5 is plenty for gaming, you'll basically never even touch the extra threads of an i7 with gaming alone.
  12. Yeah, I wasn't a tanker but the SWDs were always scratched and they fogged so badly it was ridiculous and I paid for replacements for my whole crew out of pocket several times. If you had to wake up at 3AM and spend two hours listening to a clan order and then 3-4 hours planning a stronghold battle with a flashlight and then eat pork chow mein for breakfast it might be more realistic too. There's not a lot about the game that lets real armored warfare tactics work well in an arcade game. There's no magical self-updating minimap in real tanks of the 20th century, when trying to build a situational awareness picture from radio reports is half the battle sometimes. Ramming is almost never done on purpose, and never with the main gun facing forward. Arty is COMPLETELY goofy in this game, even mortars pretty much never just fire at whatever they want whenever they want. Tanks never break down like real ones, And I sure would have given a lot for one of those instant track repair kits a few times.
  13. That's a really interesting way of looking at it that hadn't occurred to me. There's probably some truth to it, but I'm still having a hard time seeing much more than a naked money grab. Special Editions are cheap and easy to produce when it's just spun off an existing model. Even the eSports branded 13 57 was at least something of a new model. Frankly, the general lack of special hats, knives and such provided a kind of honesty was previously one of the attractions to me for WG products and I don't exactly like the way this is going especially with a P2W aspect no matter how slight.
  14. Yes. And your upvotes too. Pretty much. I'd love to hear what they think of the jurisdictional considerations or whether this might have traction in Cypriot small claims court.
  15. Ditching beams. Kind of like tire chains, if the tank gets bogged down in mud or snow you chain the log/beam to the tracks and drive over it. Detach and repeat as necessary until clear of the obstacle or slippery terrain. I've never seen two carried though and can't think of why it might be helpful unless you had a group of vehicles lay them down a few meters apart to cross poor terrain. But very frankly that kind of situation is best avoided in the first place, which makes the wisdom of the solution somewhat questionable.
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