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  1. I use ff but I don't really think the rest are worth it.
  2. I liked it but yesterday I sold all my non premium tier 8s because of mm.
  3. Meirzin

    Obj 430U

    Played a couple games in this and was very impressed. I used it as a lightly armored heavy and averaged 3800 damage in the first 2 games, need to see how it bullies other mediums though. What are your thoughts on this so far?
  4. Other servers still have community tournaments at least.
  5. So this was announced today. http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/569336-wargamingnet-league-tournaments/ So much for the rumors of the new tournament system in 1.0
  6. Now I may be wrong on this due to misinformation but isn't that monopoly itself caused by earlier government regulations making it harder for smaller isps to succeed?
  7. I'm confused at how you get to harming free market exchanges by reducing government regulations...
  8. I see and play the t49 quite often and if the waffle returns there will be even more out.
  9. Meirzin

    Leopard 1

    Yet according to WG it would be OP if buffed.
  10. Meirzin

    Leopard 1

    It is definitely obsolete.
  11. I think I saw that the old campaigns will stay when they add new ones
  12. Yesterday 3 marked the E75 today 3 marked the IS-6
  13. How does the tvp hold up in the current meta? I have it researched but need a lot of credits to buy it.
  14. There's a thread on this with recommended tanks by Errants I think.
  15. Highlight would be getting back into tanks and being as good or better than I've ever been after a long break, low would be finding out tournaments died.
  16. This is my only 3 mark. I'm pretty close on several other tanks though.
  17. It definitely seems easier to hit.
  18. For the IS-7 I load 20 APCR and 10 AP, firing mostly APCR to account for the pen. I never really have trouble penning things. 1115A is great, put a girl crew and averaged over 3600dpg my first 100 games.
  19. IS-4 feels a like like an E-100 in regards to survival with a solid gun, I like it. IS-7 is really good in the current meta and so is the T-10.
  20. I watched it, it was great. I'm looking forward to the rest of the season.
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