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  1. anyone mind telling me the way to get your account number ? is interested in how much i fare in this metrics
  2. is this mailand guy german ? also german voice are surprisingly pleasant to hear, the more i know.
  3. all of the pic that is posted became weird filename instead of showing the actual image ? any clue on how to fix this F example : one of the post have this which i presume is a pic B3oIcqU.png edit : nvm it's the isp blocking the imgur using vpn and all is good nao
  4. requesting one for mine /o/ also no files as i lost it in the bay so pls just rip it out of my avatar F
  5. oh wowe it works. it's way higher than the ping from the straya games itself doe. also wg need to start making clan activities available to both server instead of locking it to australian server in the day and sg for the night. f wargems guld
  6. right any idea on how to ping australian server to check pings. will login.worldoftanks.straya works ? :A
  7. is it possible for you to post (and reply to my post) in a black coloured text ? :A
  8. I didn't get too see all those fancy shit though. I heard someone weabify the notification sound. Didn't hear that when visited this forum when the fiasco happened. Maybe next time i will :c Those two days was fun though :^) It's just hard to find new content about tonks because roku is on the spotlight for that 2 day(if this can be fixed would 01/10)
  9. i came here lurkin to read about tanks man. 
    Weablabs plz 

    hopefully this will be over soonTM

  10. i came to read about tenks then the new content listing is filled with roku and animuh wardec. anyone mind briefing me what's happening right now ? :U
  11. XSplit Premium 1-Month License d5656980-cbb6-4ea1-aaad-19582ac239d0 i don't know how to use it so perhaps someone else can make better use of it
  12. I just noticed that the list actually have some odd singleplayer game in there. I mean i did open command console in fallout: new vegas. Does that make me a hacker and should i report myself ? As for hopefull his delusions@forums is not normal. Thus he must be cheatingTM
  13. So i tried the game with my shitty laptop. With 200 ping and 12 fps it runs smoothly 10/10 would gladly jump ship if the ping decreases to 100 (even though the game is actually playable with those conditions,unlike wot)
  14. I didn't know what otherkin was. well now i know Note to self : if op is drunk,avoid thread.
  15. May I ask,did camo greatly effect this tank or I can replace it with repair ? The reason is probably because I doing something stupid or I can use the track attract shells (iirc I did once showing my front track only but hiding the rest of the front so an is-8 can shoot me and my platmate can fire back when he's reloading)
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