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  1. Can we clean up the streamers? half are gone for good, a bunch dont ever play wot anymore (bless them, they won @ life) i think its fair some new people get some spotlight.. i know this site is on autopilot but maybe somebody will read this
  2. Ive always considered trading your HP in the most efficient way is the best strategy. Why? - you are slow so you will get shot - stuff will pen you so you shouldn't aim at getting shot. don't get shot for no reason. - artaaaaa. it will get you. at some point in the game it will. So with that said, its perfectly fine to get shot as long as you make the enemy pay. There's exceptions but typically you need to use your health pool and gun; its all you have really. The whole solo vs blah blah is up in the air. Chances are they wont push you so you can literally hold off the entire team. I see this daily and its pathetic. 6 tanks cowering against a single heavy because none of them wants to move because god forbid one of them takes a shot so they can clear the flank. Use this to your advantage. Odds are in your favor the pubbies will be passive as fuck.
  3. I had abysmal run across several accounts. didn't sink my 401k into boxes but bought my fair share. and then I see some chai/newbie/etc 10 game fresh off the email confirmation account with a type in my game. just rub it in why don't you. some people are lucky. im not.
  4. Yes the infamous mickey. He comes up every few months/weeks. He used to be way worse too. Few weeks back I had the glorious honor of him talking to me. Apparently it now no longer bots (at least all the time) which explains why it hit 45% Talk to him and get him mad. he is funny. Rages proper. I sense he is the new Wesley, now that Wesley is perma chat nuked
  5. only 30? you have done well. your cookie is on the left. some ppl lost 600+ OVERALL :salt: next tanks to shred t10/is8 skodas (all of them) kranvagn e5 215b fv 183 grille tanks to drop to 200 expected: any and all artas tanks to drop to 2 expected: anything tier 3 and lower. populate the top 10 with the likes of killju watch the communal suicide ftw
  6. zeven hasn't played for stats in months. like all the smart people he gave the fuck up on the carrot chase. and threads like these illustrate why
  7. This thread went exactly as expected. #madewotlabsworthreadingagain
  8. oh kurva dis gonna be a big bonfire
  9. 30prot is easily the best tier 9 medium in the game that's not Russian. only topped by t54 with heat spam. it has gun depression over the e50 as well, which some will argue is the best tank. oh well. cant make everybody happy. I know some people who play cancer got a jump of over 200 in overalls. seriously, where the fuck is the justice and logic here what a joke but who even cares anymore
  10. Some people have far too much fun engaging with tards. Engineered is on a roll tho
  11. learning the game is 20% learning to put up with the stupidity of people playing this game is 60% and the remaining 20% are learning how not to get killed by your own team. only after you have mastered all of the above, will you be able to get decent numbers. a break typically drops you down in 2 and 3. and since those are 80%, your skill which is only worth 20% cannot carry you.
  12. I wish people would focus on learning the game before they start loading up useless mods. But I suppose its more important to yell GOLD NOOB REPORT in chat than actually do anything in game. I've grown pretty anti mod. I think they are all useless cancer now tbh. With WG slowly figuring out how to make things like tank names on minimap and reload timer on reticle, mods are legitimately becoming less needed.
  13. WAR was popular in 2013 on m103 et al but has pretty much been proven to be a waste of a slot. the new meta (now old meta really) is to just run 2 rep kits if you are that concerned about ammo racks. vents vs anything has always been a case of can you mount anything useful other than vents? typically vents go on autoloaders due to the inability to use rammer on those optics vs other equipment.. again... some farmers on EU swear by them but you cannot convince me that optics are a better choice for an is7 (looking at you orzanel) vs anything else of the big 3 this is true for meds now as well since spotting maps are pretty much gone. the new focus is gun handling followed by dpm for pubs.
  14. If anybody with overall of above 2000 still finds this game fun, lock them away. They are drunk and need to sober up. There are a few tryhards still left, but they will soon figure it out as well. They are just late boomers, like the retarded child that takes 5 tries to get past 4th grade
  15. K fanbois, lets get some level in here. Teams are as fucked in AW as in wot. Camp and snipe (chai gameplay) is the meta. its how the game is designed. Many maps offer amazing spots for that. I suspect that will be fixed Engagement distances are long and result in random shots. ie, you are shooting at best body target. targeting specific parts at distance is near impossible. This is emphasized by the mediocre max zoom level you get. Artillery is total fucking cancer. m109, gvozdika platoons focus you down and you are fucked. Even a single gvozdika reloads faster than your track repair time. WOT has serb (and now storm). AW has that shittystaler faggot who is 10x more pompous, condescending and full of shit than serb ever was. Forums are more cancerous than a PLSGO anime meeting. While the game has no stats, 90% of players complain about not winning. funny.. I thought there were no stats there to create that. lmao Tanks have no camo. fucks sake. Still? Physics are fucked. Track and sprocket relationship is broken, track and ground relationship is also epicly broken. Even wot got that right at release, no? Momentum, feel of weight, ramming, completely broken. PVE might as well be called teamkill central Most annoying retarded cap siren in history of gaming. In general sound effects are terrible all around. You are being forced to play (or unlock) retarded vehicles in order to gain modules for the ones you care about. Money grab. So your 125xp per gold doesn't go nearly as far when you think about it Idiotic crew system.... NA server is already pretty much dead...... I played the technical preview of AW. 1 year later, im sad to say they have done almost nothing to it! They did make it less cartoony tho, which was one of my pet peeves. But other than that, nothing much has changed.
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