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  1. Best wishes to you all! Was fun being part of clan
  2. Earlier please :3 Btw: Mr.Sexiii
  3. MelancholicCat

    Anyone want to play while owner is on vacation? *EU*

    I would love to try out that 50B!
  4. MelancholicCat

    Neko thread

    This thread is so good :3
  5. MelancholicCat

    FX-8350 or i5 4460 for gaming?

    Well, I was talking about my case, sorry for that
  6. MelancholicCat

    FX-8350 or i5 4460 for gaming?

    I expect most of Z170 boards to go for ddr4 slots, so thats more upgrade cost Maybe 100€, which could be spent for something like sdd (have one, but need more space for games). Been thinking too about getting Haswell (Z97+4690k) now and just use rest of old components, to keep overall cost withing decent budget. Having dying FX-6300 atm isnt exactly pleasant to play with...
  7. MelancholicCat

    how do we feel about jingles

    Jingle's laugh is the best <3
  8. MelancholicCat

    Wallpaper Thread

    Here you go
  9. MelancholicCat

    I need a new nickname!

    AnetteThePubbieSlayer HerGraceAnette MissGiveMeYourTears AnetteLikesYourTears