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      Idolm@ster goes hard in the paint

  1. Tom's Pro tip: If your gonna bot, Don't do obvious shit like PC or ADF Shields, that shit is like ban central. Stick to Mining, Woodcutting and Prayer
  2. Its okay, The bot has begun, Might be able to do a giveaway in about 2 hours depending on GE price of coal
  3. Gratz Seeing as not everyone is running the client, I'm changing the prize to 500k subject to availability, Hit me up with your in game
  4. Will give Flax bot to the first person who can guess where I am, and what Set (Including Cloak) I am wearing http://i.imgur.com/GD5Q3My.png
  5. Sorry for the late response, Have you tried clearing your cache, and is this the issue you messaged me on TS3 about?
  6. Damn 14-0 doesn't look like -G- will remain at the top of the totem pole much longer

  7. Yes, it will Auto-Update, If you want to modify the parameters listed at tioga.moe/signature, just leave the URL field blank
  8. Message Tioga060 on Teamspeak (He can be easily found on the PBKAC TeamSpeak) On a side note; Tioga is recoding the software, you shouldn't see any impact from this. The signature service will not be updating through the wotlabs downtime, as tioga needs to request the new api link from neverwish since the database moved
  9. Hey guys, since Tioga is banned from these forums (for no reason might I add), I've offered to serve as a way to help him communicate with his end users who would rather try to seek support here. He has seen a lot of the same questions and has not been able to answer people directly, so you can ask him questions here and I will talk to him and give you answers. You can create your own signatures here: http://www.tioga.moe/signatures/ A few answers to common questions he's been seeing so far: There is no support for EU and it is not slated for the near future You can now upload your own cu
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