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  1. Report anyone who o7's me for insult/provocation. o7 is like the pubbie middle finger right?
  2. I signed up too. Same name and all.
  3. Map knowledge is an important skill to help raise your DPG but I personally don't think it is the most important. Staying alive is the best way I have found to raise my DPG. The longer you stay alive the more opportunities there are for you to use your gun. Getting a good firing location is important and knowing when to aggress/flex/retreat from firing position to firing position is the key to using your tank effectively. Although it means nothing if you aren't alive. Random side note. Make as many shots as possible count. I often see myself missing a good shot because I rushed or derped i
  4. Just wanted to introduce myself to the forums and the players here. I'm a newer player (sub-10k battles) and hope to learn quite a bit more about the game from the users here. If anyone wants to platoon or chat don't be afraid to send me a PM. I hope to talk with you guys again sometime soon.
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