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  1. Not a native cantonese speaker, but I know enough to get around, hold a conversation, order food off a menu, and banter. So in cantonese that would translate to yao-ca.. Which I'm too damn stupid to know what it means. I go to an international school, which is why I learn mandarin and english. Also, it's highly unlikely I've met you or vice versa, because I really don't know anyone close to me who plays WoT.
  2. That directly translates to "right rubber/rub", so I'm going to say no on that one. I've been wondering about how many extra shots I'd pull off by being on SEA, being able to attend CW, being able to do skirmishes on a weekly basis. When I heard transfers just let you play on SEA without being able to do CW or attend Skirmishes, I was like fuck it, what's the point. So here I stay.
  3. Hybrid cookie, half chocolate chip and half vanilla buttermilk. Good for ages 6 and up. 50% chance of giving you diabetes.
  4. Platoon with others within 500 wn8 of you in terms of recent WN8. Obviously, better players preferred. Platooning is great. It shouldn't hinder your play and if it is, your doing it wrong. I have learned so many things from platooning with better players than I was, when I was still green/blue recent, and I still do(from better players ATM). You learn teamwork, most importantly, which actually improves your gameplay.
  5. I'm a teamwork orientated player who likes to almost exclusively platoon, and the only times typically without is when I'm driving Light Tanks. I don't play arty, own 2 Tier X tanks and 3 Tier IX tanks. I enjoy the high tiers, especially Tier 10 and have two marks of ex. on my FV215b 120 (my love, pride and joy) So I'm looking for good players, preferably 2500+ Recent WN8 (who don't pad stats artificially with low tier sealclubbing or other methods) who enjoy teamwork, comms on TS3, and have fun. I live in Hong Kong so ping to West is 170 while East is more likely unplayable at 250, so
  6. Doh, looks like I will never get a B2 or Mug or anything cool. Gratz to all winners, enjoy your stuff
  7. Hoping I might just win. Good luck to everyone~ Crap, my recent name change somehow affected my Wotlabs forum account. My ingame name is actually MarkersTasteBlue. How do I fix this in Wotlabs?
  8. I've seen fellow teammates bring a T-44 in 7/42 once when I played among them. What is your thought on the T-44?
  9. Does the Pz. 4H affect your WN8? I can't find the thing in the WN8 chart.
  10. Wow, you guys sure do hate me. No replies, really?
  11. About Me: - I've finally felt my recent WN8 has started to plateau a bit, since I've reached the 2100 band it's been going up and down. Right now it's sitting around 2330. - I'm looking for a purple mentor player to get me to a target of 2600 recent WN8, which is across the purple threshold and well into safe territory. I hope this isn't too hard of a target. - I've platooned with purple unicums and other uni-blues before. It's either because they think of better tactics, or I play better under the fact that I have to show purples what I'm worth. Usually, I should end up right behind them
  12. HAHA I see me behind Solono in my IS-3, my BURDY tag is visible! Heh that moment was pretty hilarious
  13. I am disappointed in your lack of knowledge that that icon displays that my mic isn't connected or on the server. Seriously, does no one ever open more then one server tab or something?
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