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  1. Another sign that WG is completely retrograde. There will be account selling on any MMO. Why don't they monetise it with some restrictions?
  2. Spotted on the offishul forums. Gold platted. fabiensg, on 29 June 2015 - 07:34 PM, said: Hello o/ Clan [KU] is interested in merging with you guys. Cheers. paparonnie, on 15 July 2015 - 01:59 PM, said: IFU welcomes any members on KU to join us
  3. Finish character from Sense8 on Netflix. Glad I could contribute to the discussion.
  4. Asia staff killed English speaking forums. Best customer is a stfu customer. Support team has still no clues about customer value queue priority. One month and still waiting so I can play again.
  5. and: the time you're spending on games, you should spend it with me or do sports. Personally, I was in great shape and had toned abs when I was single after a long relationship. The abs got me married later on, alas. Time to pump it up, Fen. Also, I have been on a no sugar, no carbo-hydrates zero tolerance diet for a month. Works great.
  6. Re PVE, you have to be careful in activating them one at a time so to net get swarmed. In EA3 release 1, one nest activated when I drove through their spawn point. I was suddenly surrounded by 3 MBTs. Would like to try the hard mode.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. I noticed on my side as well that most PVP games are one-sided. Had a couple of turning the tide Domination wins with 2-3 tanks down when higher HP pool and stronger armor left. I have the impression that Vision control and guarding the flanks is much more important vs. WoT given the size of the maps. In particular, when cross-fired in a partially exposed position, you're done. What I mostly like is the speed you can reach even in MBTs.
  8. Their vision of Clan competitiveness is it should be as tough & harsh as between childs in a kindergarten. Suggest to rename to KR/D.
  9. During certain hours during EA phases with notable shutdown periods in between. Note the risk of account reset.
  10. Joyrider, I have a Nvidia graphic card. I had to manually associate the game executable to the card in Nvidia advanced control panel. By default, the game would run with the motherboard's built in GPU. From 2 FPS to 40 in high quality mode.
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