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  2. To me the T32 is infuriatingly slow and sluggish. I just can't seem to get to places fast enough to do damage. I can secure wins just fine in this tank but I have no fun doing so. Decent DPG eludes me in this tank, and for the life of my I don't know and can't figure out why. w/r: 71.43 dpg: 1852
  3. http://wotreplays.com/site/2179015#teams This was a really fun game for me. Probably the only game I liked in that horrible tank.
  4. Don't know why the fuck you play this tank. Goddamn masochist. This is me with most other tanks lately (patton) then I play my t34-2 and as you can see. I get shit on. Rip this pleb. 8 straight battles of hell. One semi decent game. I'm literally in their face and the gun shoots 6ft high. It's 6/17 9/21 now. Fuck.
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      What's your IGN in AW?

  6. Lol. Send me an invite sometime. In-game is Bebopdebop. USE/USW doesn't matter to me. I have shit ping on both.
  7. I never bother with keeping a crew/transferring crews until I hit tier 6, the amount of XP you gain for that crew is pretty much nonexistent because the XP grind is pretty short until tier 6. A tank without a good crew is a shit tank. How to achieve a good crew: Play lots of battles to gain XP for your crew to level up and research the proper crew skills, if you don't have a pot of gold to blow on resetting every time you gain knowledge on game mechanics then you need to be very careful with what you choose. This is why wotlabs is here. Great article on how to choose these skills: http://rocketbrainsurgeon.com/crew-skills-perks-unicum/ Starting out I'd choose Repairs for all members except Sixth sense on commander. Yes, you won't have the repairs on your commander(in order to be most effective repairs should be trained on all members), but in your specific case this is the best way. When your commander has 6th activated (perks vs skills) then repairs on commander's 2nd skill. Not using a crew is wasted potential, every game brings them much closer to completing a skill and effecting your gameplay drastically, what good is a 100% crew if it sits in the barracks? If you want a crew in kv1 keep it's current crew and use your domination crew in the kv1s, tier 6 is where you can start training that crew, t7 will be a bitch without a decent crew. I wouldn't worry too much about crews except basic Repair/6th sense and more on game mechanics (angling, side scraping and armor weak & strong points/profiles) and how that should affect what you do. I hope that answered your questions.
  8. As someone who believes he is doing at the very least a more sensible job at playing tanks than most pubbies I decided to give this a try and see if there was anything just outright wrong and that needed to be addressed with my playstyle/gameplay. What was your lesson type and duration? (e.g. 2-man lesson, 1 hour) 2 hours. Was the session enjoyable and fun? Definitely. Was the session educational and informative? Do you feel like your play has improved? I feel it was informative. While I don't believe there's a drastic difference in my gameplay I am more confident in the decisions I generally make and am not as doubtful in common battle decisions,which gives some peace of mind and allows me to focus on improving other areas of skill. What is your opinion of Valachio as a tutor? Rather well. It was an enjoyable experience. I can see how a few lessons with him specifically would be tremendously beneficial to someone that is in the green-blue performance area. What can Valachio improve upon as a tutor? Stop burning my goddamn tanks? So many fires.... Would you take a lesson from Valachio again? Yes, in fact, I would. How would rate the experience out of 10? (e.g. OP/10) OP/10
  9. I would never run CCleaner, as the optimizations you do get are mostly unnoticeable on anything made in the past 8 years unless you're running windows xp on some windows 95 shitter hardware. What it can do that is noticeable is fucking up shit. It's not really a viable optimizer these days anyway, those scammy little programs (pc cleaners & optimizer) don't 'work. Always download Malwarebytes and run a deep scan. Who knows how many little shits get past your antivirus. I don't trust anything but malwarebyes, hence me saying this. *ducks* Also uninstall that AVG shit and use Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes.< Read that in a soft voice. D: If you have an SSD: Check RAM for errors. If your computer is running slow and there is no hardware failure or memory problems you might want to check and see if an update or program is causing the performance issues: If there are no specific times or instances that your computer runs slowly then it may be services or a windows/driver update, check what updates or programs were installed around the time you noticed it slowing. If it's a program google the program to see if they have services running in the background that slows your computer down + check your comp' services and see if any lead back to the program in any way. Do you use part of your HDD for virtual memory(Set this to your regular HDD if you have an SSD, it's only for fail-safe and compatibility.)? With 8gb of ram I'd change your page file size to 256-512MB. Without knowing just how much you're "into computers" I don't want to say some stupid shit and make you punch me. D: /nohelp
  10. Well, yes... But it still helped because I wasn't really engrossed in the moment and distracted ,if you will, by the game like I usually was. Instead just silence had me looking everywhere and thinking about things I don't with sounds enabled to make up for what I usually hear. Pretty much the same general idea as concentrating on a sound in a completely sound proof room, startling but you notice and are a lot more perceptive. In my case at least.
  11. Game of Thrones that good to get for Blu-Ray collection? Or just wait till I can get Neflix? (I haven't seen the series.)
  12. This actually helped me out a lot. I usually listen to electronic/hip-hop while playing tanks but in celebration of learning something about our fearless #2 leader of tanks I decided to pool from my first love in music (classical) and mute all sounds. Surreal! And calming!* There was no artyfag that hit me in the 3 games I played so this may not be an accurate representation of a full gaming experience. The demons may still live.
  13. I tend to scream at arty a lot so if you need some rage ADD MEEEEE<3
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