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  1. Apparently the AMD cards are good for cryptocoin mining. Ive had a few people tell me to flog off my 8GB 480, and get a 1060 or 1070.
  2. Every time I hear about the NBN, it just gets worse. Its like theyre actively trying to get rid of the internet or something.
  3. Damn son. But myrepublic... Commerce commission made them rename their "gigabit fibre" offer here, on account of it not actually giving gigabit performance. Not sure what youd need that sort of bandwidth for on a domestic scale anyways.
  4. Aww yis, ISP upgraded local network. http://beta.speedtest.net/result/6562561724 Tasty AF. Its nice to finally live somewhere with modern network systems.
  5. Eh. I have some fun with it, but at a certain level the game is just empty. The grind is its own reward, and as the corridors get tighter, and the map variety gets smaller, Im starting to get pretty fatigued about the whole thing. I cant even into CW, because prime time is just too farkin late for me to commit too (thx asia server timezones). Its a pity, because at its core, the gameplay is solid, and kinda unique. But that lack of variety, lack of viable alternate modes, and lack of any sort of narrative style content means that the game will only ever appeal on the mechanics level
  6. Isnt the cap mostly dictated by the server load caused by running spot checks? I dont see them changing that any time soon, unless they revamp their hardware in a big way.
  7. So some bloke names his clan after his favorite breed of dog and has a stereotype for an emblem. Its a little awkward, but I dont know if that meets the criteria for racism timmeh. For a comparative test, if there was some clan called DINGO with a picture of Ned Kelly for an emblem, would that be racist?
  8. By all means do it, but I dont think youre going to see any meaningful change. Or be able to attribute that change to anything specific. Could I guess be interesting to see how the draw rate changes with population, but I dont think those overall stats are refreshed very regularly.
  9. You do realise that the server avg WR is just 50% - the draw rate right?
  10. Fwark. We were so close too... With Turnbull looking shaky, our man might have nabbed the number one spot and knocked Greg Chappell off as the all time greatest trans-Tasman troll.
  11. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/news/article.cfm?c_id=2&objectid=11903860 Gold. In tanks related news, I just cannot seem to stop this slow slide back into shittery. For every decent session, theres an absolutely abhorrent one where I run at 30-40% and tilt like a maniac. Should probably get back to playing the tanks Im actually good at, rather than my gloriously cursed 263 and Blackdoge. Either that or get gud...
  12. Quit baiting him, i seriously would rather he goes and stays gone. His shit stopped being amusing some time ago.
  13. Would probably have told you that knowing how fibre optics work doesnt mean you know anything about cables XD
  14. Amusingly it actually works the other way. Fibre optics cables actually need a relatively high optical index to function, which significantly slows the speed of the signal. The bloke seems like a real winner though. For someone who claims to be a IT/Network professional, theres an incredibly poor understanding of how the internet works. The bits I could understand anyway. Nothing quite like a bloke who barely understands an issue and cant adequately communicate with the people trying to help him. Extra props for bringing up bandwidth while talking about signal delay...
  15. Hardware limitations mean that theres always gonna be a minimum amount of latency even for machines in the same building. Not a networking guy by any means, but Id imagine 5ms is getting to the point where the modems themselves are responsible for a significant amount of the latency.
  16. Given that you run the clan, thats not really surprising is it? Im assuming minimum entry requirements are that they dont dislike you, or tier 6 CW. The problem here is that you persist in interacting with a bunch of people who dont like you, and/or disagree with your opinions. Unsurprisingly, we tend to not care for your presence, and you make it worse by defaulting to trolling and BS. And because the pattern has repeated for so long, no one has any more patience for it, and people just skip straight to the trolling rather than engage with you. In short, kindly fuck off.
  17. ASIA CW is already a gigantic clusterfuck due to the pop being spread over a very wide range of TZs. Adding NA to that mix will do nothing positive. Also, we've already endured two server merges, it turns pubs into pure insanity as conflicting regional metas play out, and turns the forums into racially charged spergfests (well, more than usual). Im not keen for another one to happen any time soon.
  18. IIRC, thats only the President. And yeah... Its a bit silly. If holding a second passport invalidates you, but being a non-natural citizen doesnt, then Manics logic doesnt really hold up. How is one in any significant way different to the other when it comes to potential mixed allegiance?
  19. Its all part of the same issue though foxey. devs dont set pricing, distributors do, and theyre mostly a bunch of predatory cockheads only interested in the bottom line, at the expense of the consumer. You blokes have some weird rules. For a nation of immigrants, the idea that dual citizens cant hold office is a bit fwarken odd.
  20. I once made a rigged MM thread after a massive winning streak. Oddly, none of the shitters crawled out of the woodwork to compare notes on that one... Its almost like all they know is confirmation bias. Its a pity I tend to avoid the forums and miss all the really good threads. I know just enough about creative stats to truly fuck with their heads
  21. In all honesty its probably a bit dull. No ones gone full-blown spergloard, just a couple of usual suspects with the same old axes. But Ive been away from this place for like 6 months, so from my perspective its pretty fucking stupid.
  22. Holy shit, that ammo thread is aids. Wotlabs ego wars at its worst...
  23. Depends. Is that a 105mm solid shot, or are we talking APHE? Because while both APDS and APHE may introduce themselves to the inside of a tank in the middle of a cloud of shrapnel, one of them also contains half a kilo of HE and substantially more mass to turn into said shrapnel. Admittedly thats not much of a comforting thought to a real world crew, theyre pretty much fucked either way, but as you point out, this is an arcade game. The only thing that should matter is balance, and Ive seen no good reason to not consider damage as a balancing factor. And ignoring one issue just b
  24. I seem to recall him from teh forum golden days. Had good banter, has been dead for some time tho.
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