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  1. Yep, was hoping for a stripper in a cake, got beer/whisky instead. Fwarken indeed. Too much cake. Everyone is trying to cake me, I may be in danger of actually getting sick of eating cake. Would still happily accept stripper cakes though.
  2. I was weak. For a first game back, thats not bad. Well, actually it kinda was, luckily mid tier pubbies even more prone to headless chookery then I recall.
  3. Sometimes I wonder if lines are being crossed. But for the most part, this is a two-way street, he has brought much of this upon himself through a long history of being needlessly antagonistic. Ask him yourself some time, the guy has (or had) a bad habit of getting on the sauce and having a go. This isnt picking on the one kid because he's different, this is picking on the one kid because he acted like an ass. Childish, maybe, but not necessarily unjustified or wrong. 50:50 odds. Its not like it hasnt happened before...
  4. Apparently its not just SEA where CR/D is dead then.
  5. SO much salt. FWIW, this will somewhat affect arty. Well, a little bit, roof armor may no longer be auto-pen, but that doesnt make up for the fact that its barely 40mm thick on most tanks.
  6. Ok... Im confused. Why is there a new thread when this thread still exists? Join DETOX for relevant poasting in relevant forums.
  7. Huh... v2.0 has arrived. Will it achieve new members for Detox (unlikely), descend into hopey-joc shitpoast flaming, or simply get shitcanned? Stay tuned for the next moderately entertaining installment folks.
  8. Im pretty sure you spending free XP is a sign of the apocalypse. And yea, for I saw a 'strayan on a pale tank, and the name of him that sat upon was Xx_SaltyDongloard_JOC_xX - Book of SerB
  9. Was great tonk, brought low by WGs balance team. Fucking weird to play though, you either had to be right up in someones face, or 300 meters back where they couldnt effectively aim for all the weakspots. RIP Tort, 8.6 - 9.4
  10. STA-1 continues to give me the shits. So very fwarken supporty, it feels even less capable than the Cent 7/1. I cannot into very well, and its making me sad and ragey. Such a drama queen. Y u always gotta be stirring Kitten? Still, to just launch straight into the doggy-style jokes is a touch creepy...
  11. To be fair, it was the devil you know, and the devil you dont. Picking the change of scenery isnt necessarily the craziest idea. I worry about the wider political implications the most. This is only going to vindicate the more deluded far right types that have been mobilising on the fringes of Western political debate for a while now.
  12. I hope theres four years of mileage in those. Actually, it hasnt become the worst possible out come yet. At this point theres still one way it could get worse: he could actually do a good job of it.
  13. Given the current climate, crazy shit was almost expected. The saddest thing is that it manged to come to this. Of all the candidates the Republican Party fielded (and there were a lot, some were even competent), how the fuck did Trump cruise past them? I dont understand the antipathy you have to feel towards your own government to elect that man.
  14. At this point Im prepared to call it. I wonder when the Yanks are going to realise the Electoral College is broken? This is tracking to be the second time in the past 4 Elections where the popular vote has been for the losing candidate.
  15. True. Its a pity the NASDAQ is closed, because Id love to watch their markets crash in real time. The FOREX trackers tell a depressing tale though.
  16. Depressingly, only for the next two days or so. Odds are the stock market will replicate Brexit: massive dip as the results come in, followed by quick rebound to pre-election levels. Might be a good time to abuse that exchange rate lock-in you can get on some credit cards though.
  17. That to, but Im usually a deep green baddie. The blackdoge has been a significant source of frustration, but Im starting to claw back towards respectable numbers on my grind tanks, so I prefer to believe that its mostly just me being shit at LTs. Denial, its not just for botstatters.
  18. Implying my stats dont nose-dive every time I even look at an LT. Would attribute most of current recents to my attempt to do LT mission set.
  19. Oof, is it time to try fix my recents and whore myself out to an Eastern front clam again? Farkingfarkity fark. Still, it'll be an incentive to give up the light tank missions for a bit, theyre driving me absolutely spare, and I still cannot play LTs to save myself.
  20. Any statistically derived metric is great for the majority of players, they form the majority of the data points, and most people dont actually pad (at least not often or effectively). Yet WN has increasingly focused on providing ever better distinction for the top 5 centiles, to the point where WN8 offers distinction between the top 0.1% and the top 0.01%. IMO thats an unnecessary level of focus, and it pretty much only exists because these derived metrics have become an end to themselves.
  21. Fark. Still sitting back in the late 20s i think. Need to work on my WNEzz
  22. That popped up on my FB feed, and I just scrolled straight past it. NFI what it was supposed to be about. In other news, I note WN9 appears to have dieded. Colour me unsurprised, for all its statistical rigor, anything cooked up on WoTlabs is always going to cater too exclusively to the top 2-3% of players, and fail to be noticeably different for the majority of end users. Besides, given WGs new mod incorporation push, I wouldnt be surprised if they sorted out the last few niggles with PR, and we just switched to using that.
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