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  1. Yeah, that'll do it... Better you than me.
  2. Why though? Seriously, what possible need could you have for conc. peroxide? Id be kinda worried it would get explodey on me...
  3. Gotta have the most warning points per player of any clan going. I almost managed to pick up every kind of warning (including 'other' and 'avatar/sig') before I managed my first RO tho.
  4. Somewhat off your usual forum game there Ezz... I had a horror run wednesday, havent been able to face tanks since. DIdnt matter if I suiscouted or had half the other team lit all game, our boys consistently positioned terribly, threw their tanks away, timed pushes badly, failed to commit when required and were just generally awful. I fucking hate myself for trying to play LTs.
  5. The amusing thing is, from an outsiders perspective American politics is actually insane. Indirect representation, very few limits on political campaigning, and the resulting two party system and partisan bullshit is not, IMO, a rational, egalitarian government. Still better than a dictatorship, or whatever it is the communists do, but for the self-proclaimed guardians of democracy, y'all do it really fucking strangely. Besides, the single biggest argument against Globalisation, is that we have three very powerful countries who are not willing to play second fiddle to anyone. Best y
  6. Ehhhhh. Yes the wagon ride shits me no end, but I dont quite see the point in a lot of the alternate start mods. I mean, its what, like 2-3 minutes of your day? You'll spend longer than that in character creation.
  7. pfft, anyone could shit 5k damage in that tank back when it was good. The real skill was in abusing the view range Probably still the tank with the greatest assist/game ratio I own. Because once upon a time it had a functional gun, fantastic view range and a troll turret.
  8. Quietly wish I was gud enough to apply for a tourney team, its been a while since I had a punt, and I remember it being gud fun. Sadly, thats probably never going to happen again. I cant even enter most of the pub tier ones because I cant stay up that late... Farking server timezones.
  9. Punched out LT7, 8 and 9 for the 55a set today. Given Ive done the heavies and have meds and TDs up to the platoon missions, Id say this is going to be the first set where I dont aim to complete arty before LTs. Those LT missions can be fwarken frustrating though.
  10. Punching bag no good. They lose all their filling after youve stabbed them a few times.
  11. Hence the mention of it being an in game trend. And the images we have dont seem to show signs of a fully rotating drivers position in the turret anyway.
  12. Never seen a bloke so keen for the long weekend that he felt the need to take the express elevator. How far did he fall? Sounds like just 2-3 meters, but I didnt think you office types went in for that sort of thing.
  13. A thought occurs. I see no drivers viewports, so presumably the driver is in the turret. Every other tank like that in the game has a limited traverse arc... One more reason to never want to play it.
  14. Brb, necking myself. srsly bro, wtf even is that shit. Also ikea is kinda expensive... theres a parellel imports ikea specialist out my way, and they cost nearly as much as the upmarket furniture place next door to them. Saved $50 buying my flatpack desk from the warewhare instead...
  15. Nope. Not seeing it. I do like the mod integration into 9.16 though. There are one or two more things Id like to see, such as dual server reticle, team HP pools, and spotted/not spotted indicators, and their hitlog has a terrible layout, but frankly its almost at the point where the vanilla client is good enough.
  16. Chally 2 when? No Smoothbores is not the only consideration, its just the only one that hasnt been slowly pushed further down the technology track.
  17. Speaking of horror stories, last week I had an idiot workmate dispense 75% Ethanoic acid into a drum that had been used for storing saturated (~50%) NaOH solution. Hes lucky it was mostly empty and he dumped in enough to keep the heat under control.
  18. Youre hopeful. My guess is that whoever proposed sandbox has been taken out back and shot, and WG will go back to using fun modes and the proving grounds to test ideas.
  19. Inb4 tier 11 and 12 become a thing (STank is really pushing the arbitrary tech boundaries).
  20. I couldnt pick em either. I do recall one plat where tinny went absolutely apeshit though, the scream just kept going and getting louder. Was about the point where I realised the best way to tell who was who was to wait until someone got hit by arty.
  21. Yeah, Hermans a raging sperglord. But he spergs more at the red tanks, while Joc is an equal opportunity offender.
  22. Autoaim is your friend. Still gonna be awkward, and 35 dgr/s traverse wont let you keep highly mobile tanks in view, but in theory at brawling range you should be able to deal with softer targets reasonably well. Wont work very well in pokey corner fights though, but few TDs do.
  23. I think that might be the first time Ive actually wasted a downboat on hopey. I feel dirty for even acknowledging that that shit post exists. I give it 3 days. Wonder if Herman is getting his chatban lifted as well. Of the two of you he's less likely to reoffend.
  24. Be interested in knowing if you make any headway on that. I sold my T1E6 long go in a fit of silliness and rage, and have kinda wanted it back for a little while now.
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