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  1. Eh, didnt want to run a cable under a couple of doors, and hardwood floors make concealing/protecting it difficult. Id forgotten we had coax into every room in the house, just had to yank out the unused ones and ran the cat5 through the same holes. Easy. Well, a bit of a hassle really, but significantly faster than continuing to fuck around with the wifi.
  2. Went the Joc route, 15 meters of cat5, a badly spliced push pin connector and 10 minutes of swearing under the house later, it seems to have worked
  3. Under the floor is doable, but the house is a rental, so Id need to check with the landlord. They'll probably be cool with it (wouldnt be the first time), but Id like to see if I can get the easy option working first before I break out the drill.
  4. Noice. For the same set of tests they also put together a dual engined M113 APC, putting out 80+ HP/Ton. Apparently they were interested in discovering how ground resistance increased with speed, and if a practical upper HP/Ton limit existed. Apparently it didnt.
  5. Would need to go through floor, the straight line distance is about 7-8 meters, but there are these annoying walls in the way. Also is desktop.
  6. Looks like Im on 3, and the other two strongish signals are on 1. Might head up the spectrum to 7 or 9, see if the reduced overlap helps. Now where the fuck is that modem box...
  7. Not particularly so. If youre dead weight, and a skill MM system makes sure youre matched up against other dead weight, then your negative impact on the team effectively disappears. Good players still get to influence the outcome, but it becomes that little bit harder for them, and your chances of being carried are about the same as your chances of being crushed. Any form of skill MM tightens the WR band, and its more noticeable out towards the edges. Its not particularly a problem, as long as the rewards sytem takes that into account, and the MM changes arent MM breaking. Do nov
  8. Anyone any good at making internets work? @JOC469 maybe? Spent the last few days trying to troubleshoot an onboard wifi adapter (Ralink RT2860) and think Ive got the problem narrowed down to either goblins or interference. Ethernet is not a simple option, so Im kinda stuck with either fixing the current device, or getting a better one/a USB dongle. Fixes tried have included making sure the thing is plugged in properly (and trying a couple of different ports), reinstalling drivers, fucking around with WLAN settings to try get better reception out of it (range to max, power manage
  9. Most likely they just want it off their books. Its dickish, but understandable on their part, theyre obsessed with stats, which basically tell them that a 18-25 yo Male driving a somewhat modified older car (even if it is just cosmetic) is comparatively risky. Basically they dont trust you to not cost them more money further down the track, so they just want it gone. 1k of insurance with a $300 excess is laughable. The excess means theres no point claiming minor repairs, and anything more major is probably going to be nudging into write off territory. Honestly, if I were you Id just take
  10. Nope. Whats the stance on hints? Do you guys want me to point you in the right direction, or just provide yes/no answers? For those with a burning desire to know, the picture hasnt been altered, so google is your friend.
  11. That is the logic. Make your car harder to get into, and thieves will target the other cars instead. Your risk of theft goes down, the risk of those around you goes up (the chance of a thief actually showing up is irrelevant). As for whether or not theyre effective, thats probably debatable. May deter casual thieves, may attract pro thieves. Which should you be more worried about? Anyway, if you want to get excessively techy about it, then you could probably design a system that works. RFID tag and a microswitch on the ignition circuit is one idea. BUT. If youre dead set on some so
  12. Is WG comrade, they do nothing fast. They could be revisiting the old arguments about their vision for the game, they could have some new arguments, they could just have had some wildly unusual results from the first round of sandbox.
  13. I reckon with a bit of filtering you could have disguised that as an AMX 13. Is noice pic.
  14. Thought about it a bit, and decided Id put up a pic of something a bit more unusual.
  15. Holy. Shit. Ive got some of those things, the better version of the GPU, 1200W PSU (came with second hand mobo & case), equivalent SSD, probably equivalent CPU), and I might be at ~ 1300NZD all up (inc peripherals). Not to mention an actually decent amount of RAM. What a fucking moron. The i7 6500 is not a thing either (well it is, but its a dual core mobile chip...) Theres an i5 version, but thats barely better than my old 3820, and is actually worse for OCing. Fuck knows why youd need liquid cooling on a 480 either.
  16. Bad@pics. My money would be on the next model up, the M47. IIRC the 46 has the Pershing turret, and the 47 has the upgraded slopey turret. Usually safe to just assume Im going to forget about the thread for a while, or not have a pic to post. Im bad like that.
  17. Intel DX79SR, i7 3820, Sapphire Nitro RX 480 8GB, 32GB of RAM, 240GB SSD for OS and games (HDD to come soonTM), a touchscreen monitor (reasons), some actually decent peripherals... And Im still using my old Vaio lappy because I forgot the wireless adapter and the modem is too far away to ethernet. Fwark. No HD gayming for me tonight.
  18. My money would be on a combination of the above. More gold, less players playing truly stronk tanks. Dont know that Id classify Tiger P as armored though...
  19. Well yeah, but they mostly also speak English. I dont know that there are actually that many good purely english speaking clams. Multicultural server la.
  20. Try poasting in the SEA general shittery thread. Guaranteed 100% moar dank memes and replies. Gud english speaking clams... try CROWN, OMEGA, PYRO or RPS (can someone confirm if RPS are still a thing?).
  21. Naming and shaming this shitter Never even said a word, just put a round into me, then missed 2 more shots trying to finish me off. Not even a competent TKer. He finally piped up after he died, just so he could sperg at our IS3.
  22. I really like that pic for some reason. M41 Walker Bulldog?
  23. Kinda this. But intentionally. I just went with the outcomes I would want a realistic (as in, coming to you within the next decade) self driving car to pick. Which basically prioritised minimising loss of life, killing animals before humans, endangering the occupants of the car instead of pedestrians (much more likely to survive in the real world) and not making things worse by swerving into the other lane when all else was equal. Amusingly, this has output some fairly extreme results for things I simply didnt consider because the software would likely be unable to make the distinction (g
  24. Yeah... Im not buying this. Even if its awful to play, and has sfa carry potential, that shouldnt justify buffing it if its doing fine statistically. Personally I think the entire line needs a rework. As has been noted, their armor scheme is retarded, and arbitrarily making it more retarded wont change the fundamental problem.
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