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  1. Always wanted one of those, but I dont know how well theyd do with the climate here, and I imagine feeding them is a bit expensive.
  2. Go for it. I dont have any personal pics, so would have to resort to google-fu, which makes it kinda boring.
  3. Without seeing the PMs, theres no way to judge whether or not a forum ban was warranted. As for the game ban, again, all we've got is wasaabi indicating that it was for a chargeback (which iirc, are always grounds for an immediate ban, no ifs or buts), and "I dont think he did it" from you. Given that Wasaabi has a degree of trust and is mostly well liked around here, Im perfectly willing to take his word over your defence of some guy I dont know. Especially given my generally low opinion of the hackusational variety of Au/NZ players. Is this shit really necessary right now?
  4. You can chargeback to a CC as well. I dont know that Id call it buggy. Ive played far worse, the current patch is actually very stable. And giving WG your shekels does not excuse EULA violations.
  5. Was going to call you a dick for asking that, but theres actually a picture of what appears to be the same tank on the wikipedia page (same cupola and gun, and MG mount missing). So probably an LTP. As an aside, the scale in that pic looks.. wrong. Is it a model?
  6. Well, sides are autopen, and skycancer will ruin your day, but otherwise, yeah, frontally immune to 95% of everything (apart from around the gun) These wedge tanks are going to be tough to balance.
  7. Huh. Its going to be oddly foch-esque, pretty tough from the front, side armor may as well not exist. I kinda like the idea of a tier X E-25 with semi functional armor, might be time to stockpile some free XP. Its a good thing camo meta is mostly dead though, or this thing would be cancerous.
  8. Ewww paintballs. Nice cliff dive though. 7 points from the Russian judge.
  9. The gods alone know. Hopey isnt a bad guy, right up until the point he has a few cans and decides to head for the forums, at which point he turns into an aggravating shitlord. Doesnt tend to actually cross many lines (and in fairness was mostly correct about VPA), but rubs everyone he meets the wrong way and is just generally toxic. He's basically a meme these days. The SEA community here has been dealing with him for a long time, and most of us just ignore him, or occasionally poke him with a stick for shits and giggles. Some of us are a bit less tolerant of his presence though...
  10. Thats just meta lagging behind the patches. 8.6 arty was exactly the same as 8.8 arty, except bert wasnt a thing in 8.6 Bringing 8.6 back wont cause the same drop off in arty player numbers, because it wouldnt make a functional difference to arty this time around, and the sigma nerf wasnt until like... 9.5? So what makes 8.6 so much more special than the post TD nerf patches?
  11. Fuck. No. The TD meta was just as bad as pre 8.6 arty (or possibly worse), and the maps were even more broken. Unlikely. They seem to be heading for development hell, theres no long term vision for the game, which seems to be the root of all these problems. They seem to pick up ideas, run with them for a few months, then drop them again. Unsurprisingly, nothing major ever happens. Of course last time they actually stuck it out and got a new idea through development, it was rampage mode... And then they threw that out rather than trying to fix it (seriously, fucking ra
  12. WG support are the most godawful useless bunch of pricks I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. Seriously, I dont know why they even have a support team, they could just stop replying one day, and the playerbase (read customers) would never notice the difference.
  13. Heh. This is why youre still our favourite punching bag. Others may come and go, but youre always the one we can turn to for a quiet chuckle.
  14. Its a direct specific power multiplier. 1 value for hard ground, 1 for medium ground, 1 for soft ground, (i.e. road, grass, swamp). Doesnt matter if youre on a hill or not, just the class of terrain. And because balance comrade. The T62 has pretty much the worst P/W of the tier X meds, and is comparable to some of the tier X heavies...
  15. This is actually a deliberate policy designed to trigger teals.
  16. #1 position in "Rating change per day" Awww yisss. Finally we are Best_Clam_Asia. Now to retire for 18 months and consider what we have learned.
  17. Made that call half an hour ago... Not sure how I wound up here, something something whisky.
  18. Huh. Im not one for undeserved team damage (although sometimes the only way to deal to griefers and TKers is vigilante justice...), but as far as Im concerned the T-22 is fair game. If youre going to rig, you shouldnt be surprised when people get mad at you for parading the evidence around in front of them.
  19. Sounds like its time to take a break Adrian. I ran into a similar thing near the 20k mark. Little bit of IRL change and some personal stuff happened at the same time as an extended tilt, and I just picked up my toys and walked away for a few months. I started running, sorted my issues (mostly), and kept my gaming offline so it was easier to just put the controller down and go outside. You dont have to uninstall or burn your bridges, just find something different to do until you get out of that headspace. Personally Im glad I had an account to come back to, even if I spent the first few we
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