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    karl0ssus1 reacted to Inciatus in Quoting the Quran is hate speech, apparently.   
    karl, the Torah is the first 5 books (genesis, exodus, Leviticus, numbers, and Deuteronomy) the Tanahk includes the rest of the books which is essentially the old testament.
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    karl0ssus1 got a reaction from neziho in Quoting the Quran is hate speech, apparently.   
    Theres shit like that in most holy books. The Bible is the same, and I imagine the Torah is actually worse (IIRC its basically the old testament, which has a lot more of the smiting and holy wars).
    No idea what the context of the post is, but if he's using those passages to try justify a previous claim about Islam, then I can see why it would be removed. 
    Xens just shit stirring as usual. Screengrabbed reddit posts have this weird tendency to be much less outrage provoking if you find out the context. 
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    karl0ssus1 got a reaction from Ollie Tabooger in Im sorry, this could end badly, but all of America needs to see this video: https://w   
    Yeah... It'll probably end badly. That said, Im going to toss in my 0.02NZD.
    One of the repeated themes I see being voiced by gun control opponents is "its in the Constitution", as if such things cannot be further amended or repealed, and the Founding Fathers had a better understanding of gun control then any modern politician could. Many of them dont even seem to realise that amendments can be repealed, or that the Franklin and Co. probably had no idea of what gun ownership in the 21st century would look like. Then theres the lunatic fringe who believe that gun control is an attempt to institute a fascist/communist (depending on which historical comparison they prefer) government.
    The other problem is that even if you did change the gun control laws, there are still so many guns out there that the change wouldnt be felt for years, and politics is almost never about the long game.
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    karl0ssus1 reacted to Politx_Killer in ASIA medium players > NA medium players.. so god damn passive   
    Its mum* and she said you had a small cock.
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    karl0ssus1 reacted to PityFool in holy shit how are people this bad you literally need to drive forward, halfway fuckin   
    You're welcome.
    I hope this improves your understanding of the difference between you're and your.  
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    karl0ssus1 reacted to StormCrowReaperManyHats in Still looking for [SEA]toons   
    Drop by pbkac.clanwarz.wtf and see if anyone there takes pity on you. Flex ts is also good for toons but I forget their addy.
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    karl0ssus1 got a reaction from ForkUrEyes in Currently playing tanks, ships, Ryse Son of Rome, AVA, Life is Strange, GTAV, COD, Ba   
    I think its time to admit you may have a problem.
    A time management problem that is.
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    karl0ssus1 got a reaction from PityFool in Dude do you still have the john key pic you posted here? I need it! Fucking brilliant   
    Shiiit cant even remember which pic that was.
    Might have been this one.

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