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  1. Gharirey


    My feelings about that tank are increasingly mixed: I get why it is extremely useful for CW. But at the same time this tank frustrates the f*** out of me. During this campaign I finished games with a damaged ammorack more often than not. And let's not even speak about the blow-ups.
  2. Thank you all for playing, especially those of you who showed up until the very end when most of us had the tank secure and we just needed to push the last few players. I am also extremely grateful to our FCs - this campaign was a massive strain but it was fun playing with all of you. Fjell's math was awesome and got as many people as possible the tank. Last but not least, thank you Nurki - assembling this group of people and getting us through this campaign has been a huge effort! I am pretty content with the results. Everybody who showed up at least semi-regularly secured a tank. We
  3. We have 6 provinces right now and still are in the battles against the owners for 2 more. This means there will be a shitton of map-battles tomorrow! We will need all hands on deck tomorrow evening. Please show up and help make BRAH even greater!
  4. If you want some general rules: Use the reload time to change positions/angles. You need to be more greedy with hp on an autoloader than on any other tank. The decision whether to relocate depends on a prognosis on how your flank will develop. Count tanks, take into account how situable they are for the current fighting situation (e.g.: a T32 in a hulldown spot counts more than a FCM in the same position). Is arty harassing your flank? Do your teammates seem competent (e.g.: that very same T32 being too dumb to play proper hulldown might be a terrible sign)? The principle beh
  5. I am not grumpy! I AM F***ING RAGING! @MissNurki, nice work there. Also, I should be back for sh tonight.
  6. Actually I finished it in February. But I hadn't played for so long that I had forgotten about it. Now I just need to purge that piece of junk from my garage.
  7. Agree with almost everything Kolni wrote. Some additions: Get rid of the misconception that light tanks need to scout at all costs. The primary role of a light tank very much depends on the map. On the few open vision maps left in the game, you should indeed think about providing vision for your team first and foremost. On the contrary, providing vision is irrelevant on a map like Ensk. Even a half-blind heavy can light his targets for himself on such a map. In consequence, it is not worth risking hitpoints to scout. Instead you need to figure out how you can deal damage and - even more
  8. Day 2 of project "making Ghar great again": tier VIII+tier IX. Shots are starting to be decent again, decision-making is still iffy and my reload-management in autoloaders is so bad it actually endangers my platoonmates. Now I just need a new haircut, you can't make things great without a haircut that looks like a toupet.
  9. I think the worst thing to do is focus on stats too much. Sure ,stats have a certain value like getting into good clans but the focus on stats can easily become a handicap and make you tilt. Also it stops you from trying things out. As for your T-44: I would go back to optics until your crew is a bit better. <400m viewrange is just too ghetto to be viable. Or at least throw in food to boost it a bit more.
  10. Day one back in the game wasn't as bad as I feared. Played for 2 hours on my drunk-driving-account in the morning and then for another two on my regular one just now. Randoms were ok. I stayed away from the top tiers to avoid aerial-insamination, though. On the other hand, there seem to be a lot more TDs in the game than I remember. #redlinecamping Now I just need some platoonmates or a good old fashioned stronghold. Got an invite from glorious old IDEAL but sadly they were already full. Always up for legionary duty.
  11. Hibernation was good to me. After my short stay in the clan that shall not be named (incredible how people can lead a clan when they have the social skills of autistic donkeys) I desperately needed a break. But I think I will give WoT another go. But I can't guarantee that I am up to my old standards. Thus don't count on me until I am back to my old form. Most importantly, I am sure Nurkie will do a fantastic job as clan leader. And we all know that the best clans start with great people at the top. Good luck to you all! I am rooting for this project!
  12. Some of the people in this thread ... Not quite sure whether I should admire them or question their sanity. Next people will start posting pictures of them wearing ballgags while three-marking the shittiest tanks in the game. What happened to playing tanks that are actually fun ...?
  13. I agree with Kolni: On meds optics are still a game changer. The most important damage in this game are the hits you inflict at the very start of the fight. A surprising amount of maps still offer spots where a med can spot enemies at long range and get a bit of free damage. But in order to do that you need to be able to outspot your opponents which is rather hard without optics. Being able to fight the remaining vision maps effectively. Imagine fighting Prokorovkha or Malinovka without optics. You are basically f***ed. There are exceptions, though: Some tier IX and X meds ca
  14. Ouch a German shitter? That is a tough sell. Well I guess it is better than an Austrian shitter. Or at least that is what history suggests.
  15. Both previous answers tell you basically the same: take a step back and don't worry too much about one bad session. For what seems to be your first account, you already show an impressive learning curve. Most players take considerably longer to crack unicum recent for the first time. Another sensible advice is not to care about WN8. Basically you can push or dump your WN8 by +/- 1000 points just through your tank selection. I would worry more about long-term winrate. In general there are three good ways to get through a slump: 1. Take a break and play another day. 2. P
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