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  1. Rick Rack's my new fav, but I used to listen to Scandal before they went mainstream and softened their tones..
  2. Early morning makes me stupid, bought the 212A instead of the T54E1

  3. I get the argument, it's just that the T-44 with the LB-1 is still underpowered for its tier. Situationally, the prevalence of cover and brawling makes the 100mm a little less appealing for me. You will still only be getting one shot off, as the reload, unlike the T-54, is not fast enough to shoot 2-for-1 in brawling trades, and most of the time in early and mid game when damage matters people will be camping and not exposing their sides for a long period of time - and if they do, one shot will make them scurry back into their hole. In regards to accuracy, the buffs make it possible. If you see the redshire game, I landed every shot I wanted to land from 350m away, even when tanks were partially obscured. I feel that the meta is shifting so much more to brawling that high-alpha mediums may become equals to DPM mediums that cannot utilize their full potential - which is happening with each patch.
  4. Then tell me, in that redshire game, what I could have done with the 100mm that I didn't or couldn't do with the 122, and what you would have done. If you want to tell others to L2P, then tell me how.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that WN8 is on a per-tank rating, not a per-gun rating. The 152mm derp on the 704 would be less effective overall as it would do less damage, but my thinking suggests that the 122mm on the T-44 would raise the damage done by the tank. Instead of making this an ad hominem and calling me a WN8 padder, can you please just debate what's on the table please?
  6. I would still argue that with the accuracy buff it's enough to hit reliably, and that you will most likely only get one shot from both guns. If you know that you have the time to get two shots in with the 100, then you have enough time to wait for the 122 to aim in. I wouldn't be taking any snap shots with either gun, especially from 300-400m range. In the redshire match I posted I don't believe I would have gotten two shots from the 100 for some of those tanks at the beginning, especially because most people are smart enough to dive for cover as soon as one shot connects.
  7. The playstyle for me should be more like a medium-heavy from 300m - far enough away that it's not easily spottable, but close enough that the shot will connect. I don't mean 100-200m close-range fights; I mean those from a comfortable medium engagement range. The accuracy is good enough to connect from there. I don't play all games like that Murovanka one; that was only because my platoonmates egged me to do it, and it ended up working very well. I would probably have brought the 100m to that position, I only brought the replay up to demonstrate its ability in close fights. It still retains that Russian mobility, so it's able to keep up with the flow of battle with the 122. Also, most medium drivers don't peekaboom from one position; they move to different flanks and avenues of approach. That's what I meant by moving and sniping.
  8. do you even read what I have posted so far? The maps are designed to limit the amount of shots you can get off in the beginning. Excluding the rare maps that aren't easily conducive to early lighting, like El Halluf, or those that are really easy for early lighting, like Lakeville, most maps have cover, or the entrance to a protected flank, very close to the spawn. Highway gives a ridge, and a recently added block of town, to cover the hill climb, the entrances to the side flanks of Severogorsk were moved closer, Redshire got the whole east side... most tanks can cover the time it takes to get from the base to cover in less time than two shots from the LB-1. Thus, alpha matters more.
  9. As I explained a bit later, the meta is shifting by map design towards more brawling, and the DPM on the LB-1 is lacking for its tier. The T-54 and up are the best DPM meds, hands down, but at T8, the Russkie mediums are lacking in the category. Playing this with the 122mm heavy-medium hybrid playstyle allows for a better use of the resources, IMO.
  10. The DPM is a bit lacking, but it gets that staying power with the sheer alpha; lower tiers really don't want to push into 400 damage, especially on an unknown platform and unknown reload time. If you end up brawling against higher tiers, you should have run earlier. The accuracy is actually decent, will upload a couple replays showcasing both accuracy and brawl potential. I agree that T10 matches are a pain to deal with, and most of the time in the T-44 you're forced to kill the T8/9's and hope that the team can kill the T10's.
  11. I do that every game, if that's what you're asking - it's just that the 122mm can output more damage in the beginning deployment if you have good scouts, and we all know that damage done initially is worth two times that in empty damage.
  12. Now before you read the title and tl;dr this post, be sensible wotlabs readers and take a look at the arguments, ok? The meta with the T-44 has been to run the 100mm LB-1, and leave the 122mm to the T-34-2 and the 34-3. The 122's handling has long been regarded as inferior in comparison to the 100mm. I'll reopen this debate to show that the D-25-44 is competitive with the LB-1, and the other Chinese tanks as well. I don't have any firm stat proof at the moment, given that I'm doing my finals and don't have the time to run challenges, so view this as a thought experiment. My preliminary WN8 in this has gone up 500-750 points since I switched to the D-25-44 a few battles ago, and I've been able to consistently do over 2500 damage, even setting a new record of 4k, for me. My main argument is that DPM is just a potential, that owing to map changes and other effects cannot be leveraged fully in the LB-1 or the 34-2 or -3. However, with its soft stats, the T-44 has the advantage to utilize it fully, and potentially reach higher damage than the others. LB-1 vs. D-25-44 T-34-2 vs. T-34-3 vs. T-44 Other arguments: I'm going to say that DPM is useful late and midgame, when tanks have moved from their initial positions and are in the open. In contrast, alpha is handy in early game, getting shots on tanks before they move to their peekaboom positions. Early game damage outweighs later damage. Furthermore, the bloom is very very low if moving in a straight line, so if the tracks and turret are not moved, the aimtime is not as bad as the stats suggest. Replays: Again, I don't have a giant collection, but here's a few that highlight the potential sniping and brawling ability. This replay shows the ability to brawl; I rushed Murovanka forest. Although it was against lower tiers, I didn't take much damage in the process, and could peekaboom more easily with the higher depression. I would have had to scale the hill anyway with the LB-1 to hit, so the D-25-44 allowed me to peek less but with a bigger boom. Normally wouldn't play like this, blame my platoonmates, but it's a good example of the shock power of the 122. There were two KV-1S's, one IS, and one tiger there that could have swarmed me, but they hung back because of either my alpha or just tomatoness. They didn't have any of my allies spotted at the beginning. This one shows accuracy; most shots were from the 300-400m range but they connected, some with only half or a quarter of the tank showing. This also shows the inadequacy of the LB-1; I was mostly getting one or two shots at a time on the heavies as they cruised behind the buildings. The accuracy and bloom of the 122 are very good if the turret doesn't rotate, and if you view the movement of the heavies, they would be still taking one or two shots from either gun; they were peekabooming as I was shooting them.
  13. I seem to have fallen for the D-25 T-44

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