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  1. Got some chuckles.. Got my answer. Thank you.
  2. Why did my WN8 drop from 925 to 892 over night and ONLY on WOT LABS
  3. Sorry Mr. Pork... a tad far... was hoping a little closer to the NE... Good luck.. think it is awesome
  4. "I'm going to be opening a music venue in my smallish hometown.." Let us know when you get it established so we can cheer you on... or visit if we live close enough !!!
  5. Said the alcoholic as he tried just one beer...... (I do agree though that it is hard to get away from it..watching one of the men hating women's channel and up comes a wargaming commercial......)
  6. Wonders how anyone can post that the tank is not worth the 50.00 in this 24 hour "special," especially when you are paying less than 10.00 for the tank. The "special" includes 4K gold and a 30 day premium account.
  7. I believe that you did not really study your replay but looked at it under the assumption that the Wizzy hit you. You were spotted and shotted by the TD in B1 - and quite lucky to be alive as it was one of two big hitters that were finally spotted towards the end. FF your replay until your light bulb goes off and then go to 1/8 replay speed or lower and look at where the wizzy was compared to the angle indicator from where you were shot.... As you back away in the replay, left mouse click and turn around to the front of your tank to see the gaping hole in the lower LEFT side of your hull which is also proof that you were hit from your RIGHT .. not from the left where the wizzy was..... Keep looking at the replay..... wait.... the wizzy actually had to get on the road top to try and take a shot at you which passes by (misses you) from LEFT to right. The wizzy also takes a hit from the TD behind you because he thought you a juicy target. Lastly, you took only one shot the entire game for 606 hit points - The wizzy's best non critical shots are 320ish No Sir.. You were spotted - and shot by an enemy other than the wizzy. PS --- That is a lousy bush to hang out in because of that very reason...
  8. There are two things in life that will never disappear......... Junk Mail and Arty ....
  9. have been in a nose dive winrate wise, but my damage and win scores are rising thanks to this forum and the wotlabs tracking pages - Thank you Neverwish
  10. Just letting you know this post gave me a great chuckle - I also just repurchased the T49
  11. Other than waiting longer for a shot and hearing it bounce off into the sunset .. or .. having the target move positions as the (slow boat from China) shell makes pock marks where target used to be..... I do not mind the longer aim and reload times at all ..
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