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  1. Last time I logged on and played (probably months ago), PvP is a dead land. I don't give shit to PvE.
  2. I hope people had better reading comprehension. The question was "which tier 10 meds are least prem rounds dependent while maintaining 3k-4k WN8" over thousands of games. Of course every troll here can do 3k WN8 without any gold rounds over hundreds or thousands of games. I know I suck. Trolls, please carry on being politically correct, e.g. "why need gold rounds blah blah blah". I appreciate the other's inputs on the Bat. Thanks.
  3. I have the option to get one of these few tier 10 mediums. I do not want to spam premium rounds to maintain 3k-4k WN8. Which one would meet my requirements? It appears they all have similar pens with standard ammo. I guess the question becomes which one has the play style that you don't need more pen? Thank you for your inputs.
  4. This is the tank I struggle with too after about 20 battles. I can do 6000+ dmg one game then die early with <1000 dmg dealt. AFVs are the biggest enemies. You cannot play Stingray in the same style as the VFM. The key to success rely on finding a good position to peek out for crossfire. The gun is exceptionally good when fully upgraded, with 4.xx sec reload of 400+ dmg per shot. I think the DPM is amazing, but since there is no armor, it has very low tolerance in player errors. I'd suggest to play Stingray like the WoT Leo1.
  5. I am finishing up the grind on M1A1. Have been wondering which tier 9 I should get with the token. I know T90MS is the best but it's on another dealer's tree. Should I get M1A2 and wait for the buff? Or should I get the 2A6 which is slightly better tank right now than M1A2? Or maybe CRAB for the lols? BTW - I plan to grind mainly PvP with the tier 9. Thanks.
  6. Solo pubbing is the only way I play tanks now days. After 4 years, the unknowns are the only remaining exciting part of this game.
  7. To be fair, WG did give out free T34 before
  8. The true meta in this game is the meta of analyzing teams at the beginning of the battle. By focusing on analyzing each team's composition, platoons, types of tanks, their WR per tank, etc, you not only calm yourself down and get focused, but also help you formulate a game plan for start, mid and end game. Try it and it works wonders when you are tilt.
  9. Moot point. I see no reason to enable chat after patch 8.4. It's a tank game, not a chat room.
  10. Creative, though costly idea (2500 golden drachmas), except I really like my current name
  11. It would be nice to make that a feature instead of a bug. LOL
  12. I have seen purple players with "---" WN8 displayed in game. How can I do that? Any tips? I am sick of getting focused by three yellow bat arties entire game every game, or one shotted while moving at 48km/h by a stupid red clickers when our Maus/E100 sit in the open still. Clickers may be stupid, but they aren't stupid enough.
  13. Whether to play aggressively early depends more on enemy team composition than maps, etc. Still as Yato mentioned it is a pseudo gamble game. The reward is high but the risk is also high. Other posters mentioned having good exit route ready is key to mitigate those risks.
  14. I play throughout the day whenever work is light, especially morning and afternoon. No TS (because I play at work). Anyone interested please join in-game channel "milk_my_duds" with password "artyiscancer". Thanks.
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