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  1. I'm honestly amazed people are still playing this game, I come back every so often to see whats happening. I mean look at yourselves, you are obviously talking and thinking about these changes far more than the people hired to do the job, that should seriously tell you something about whoever is at the wheel of this game.
  2. Yeah whats the difference between milking whales in Activision games, and milking whales in WoT for the latest powercreep premium?
  3. Welcome to the last 3 years? They'll never allow the British to be good. British and Americans aren't the demographic of the game, Russian players are.
  4. I would've bought this if the game hadn't changed from the slow positional LoS game to the fast corridor twitch poke and shoot. May as well go play CS:GO now.
  5. horsepower doesn't mean anything on Russian tanks, I thought you knew that.
  6. Sorry, too weak for WG comrade! New stats Tier: 8 HP: 1,350 Engine Power: 400hp Weight: 28t Power to Weight: 14.29 Speed: +50/-20 kph Hull Traverse: 45 deg/sec Turret Traverse: 36.5 deg/sec Terrain Resistances: .671/.767/1.534 Hull Armor: 100/45/45mm Turret Armor: 210/180/45mm View Range: 370m Signal Range: 730m Gun: 122mm D-25TS Damage: 390/390/530 Penetration: 212/248/61mm DPM: 1743.1 Rate of Fire: 4.469 Reload: 13.425 sec Accuracy: 0.316 Aim Time: 2.21 s
  7. Since when has WG cared about fair? If you are looking for fair, you are in the wrong game.
  8. I'll believe the British getting buffs when I see it in the live server
  9. My attitude only comes from my 4 year experience.
  10. I know you guys are talking about improving the British, but it will never happen, they aren't interested in that at all. It's part of the reason why I left, I knew British balancing would never ever .... ever come. I'm honestly surprised people are still posting here, and just haven't left the game in disgust. I left the game months ago after the powercreep no-weakpoint heavies started appearing. And every now and again I drop in here to see if they've improved things, but it just seems to be getting worse and worse. With the changing of everything to be as cash-grab as possib
  11. I found this kinda hilarious, I left the game a month ago. I saw the writing on the wall, the previous premiums, the upcoming premiums. The game is a joke now unless you are permanently shitting on everyone from high above in tier 9-10. Foch loses his shit over 30 seconds instead of his usual 6 minutes WG gets butthurt and pulls the vid. Oh and nooow everyone has got the shits. Not because the games turned into an imbalanced cash grab piece of shit, but because they abuse copyright strikes, oh noooo. The fact it took most people who actually follow the game to get to this poin
  12. Most of the American guns in WoT are designed around "heheheh rich American will pay extra money to make up for terrible shell speed and penetration" Actually the Thunderbolt has one of the better 76mms behind the Hellcat and the Type 64. The Jumbo, E8 and Fury are basically redundant now. I'll be looking forward to more (better than tech tree and older premium incarnation) tanks in the future.
  13. shhh don't say that, everyone said LT's were nerfed into the core of the earth.
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