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    That makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the insight Crab.
  2. SumiXam


    To add to Rexxie's question, it would seem to me that vents + BIA would be very desirable on an autoloader since those are the few ways a player can improve the drum reload.
  3. I went through a phase around 5k battles where I was obsessed with my efficiency (the only aggregate metric at the time). I started playing the game for the stats instead of for enjoyment. When efficiency was reworked and WNx was introduced, I realized that all I was doing was trying to appear better than I was at the expense of enjoyment of the game. I took a big step back. I wasn't grinding new lines, I was playing the same few tanks over and over again (even though I had 30 in the garage), and biggest of all I wasn't having fun anymore. I was so wrapped up in the stats (and I'm not tha
  4. @Dlur...glad your gun counter guy experience was good. It's a bit of a sore spot for me if you couldn't already tell. You're right, there's no substitute for actually testing a handgun at the range. The trick is finding a range or friend who has the model you want to test out.
  5. And therein is my biggest beef with the guys behind the gun counter at many retailers. They aren't very approachable to newcomers and if they are, they try to force their opinions on their customers rather than giving them information and letting them make their own decisions. I'm glad that I had a close friend who wasn't determined that I had to get his favorite because he thought it was the best. The best advice he gave me was, "find something that works for you. It needs to be comfortable, intuitive, and functional." Those qualities aren't the same for everyone. What works wonderfully
  6. My CZ strips quite easily too. No tools required. I use the base of magazine to push out the slide lock and it's smooth sailing from there. There aren't nearly as many custom options as with a 1911, but CZ has a loyal following and there are a lot of custom options available. I have custom grips, changed out the hammer spring, put it a lighter recoil spring, and put extra power mag springs in all of my magazines. There are myriad other things that can be done, but I haven't had much interest in them to this point. My interest has been primarily with function over look. The biggest dow
  7. CZ makes great handguns. Here's a not so great pic of my CZ 75 SP01 Tactical...
  8. It seems to me that you've hit the natural progression of the game. My first Tier 8 heavy was the KT and I struggled with it for over 100 battles before I finally started doing well (and the win rate shows it). I have done better in most of the other Tier 8 heavies I've tried (excepting the T32 which just didn't suit me well). Like Crab said, it takes practice at that tier to get better. I'm still getting my sea legs in Tier 9 right now and it's been okay, but not without some tough learning experiences. I've held off playing Tier 10 for now until I feel I have my competence up to snuff i
  9. I've only ever rage-sold two vehicles in this game and the B1 was one of them. I'm glad some people can stomach this steaming POS but, to me, it is the antithesis of what a tank should be. It had a hard time competing in Tier 4 battles and in up-tiered battles it was just a barely mobile HP pool with inadequate firepower. I'll eventually be going up the French heavy line, but I'll free XP past the B1. My handful of battles in it was more than enough to convince me that this is one vehicle in the game I have absolutely no desire to play ever again.
  10. To master the T49 is to master the way of the ninja.

  11. Interesting... I guess I'm glad that there isn't much of a difference (a whopping 12) between the two for me.
  12. Has science now proved what WoT tankers have know for some time? Potatoes and tomatoes existing together as a single plant. http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/sideshow/tomtato-combines-two-plants-into-one-231215239.html Now if science could prove that these plants have the combined IQ of a squash I think we'd really be getting somewhere. Disclaimer: This is intended for humor only. If taken this seriously, I fear for you and your posterity.
  13. I make far too many mistakes, but these are the ones that I have on my radar at the moment: Trading HP too early in the battle Overextending Tunnel vision
  14. I certainly hope so. Since I'm not in a clan, having my stats masked creates a certain advantage for me. Besides, I rarely get other good players on my teams, so your lack of support for me may turn into my supporting your push. Being underestimated is in itself an advantage. I would like to address this if I may. While I'll likely never ascend to super-mega-purply-power ranger level, I do enjoy being reasonably competent at this game. The point of having decent stats is matter of personal satisfaction for me. I tried CWs and TCs, but I just don't have the time to commit to it. Tho
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