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  1. I reluctantly bought this POS to grind today. It's weak, it accelerates like a barge, it has a ridiculous reload time and takes module damage EVERY time it gets hit. I had to brawl a cromwell in it. What a joke. Every time he hit me, I lost a module or a crew member. This and the tier 8 are going to be the longest grind I've ever suffered through. 4/10. Would not keep after grinding to the next tank. Edit: I just pulled a 2650 WN8 win in a tier 9 match and still couldn't make top 5 for XP to get MT-1 completed for the T-28 mission. Gawd this thing... Edit 2: It took a 4180 WN8 high-caliber game to get the MT-1 mission completed... AND, the very next game, I had some shitter in a rental panther 88 shoot me in the back of the turret 10 seconds into the game and he ammo racked me. Edit 3: So I've played several games in it now. It is a sniper and a support tank. You can't circle strafe heavys in it because it turns so slowly. I wonder if the clutch braking skill would help? It plays similarly to the T34/85 but seems slower. Second turret improves gun characteristics. Upped the rating from 2/10 to 4/10.
  2. I remember the time it took the whole clip from my Foch 155 to kill a low-health amx 13 90. He was about 50m from me and I had a flat shot at his side. I shot him in the side and tracked him. Shot again and his tracks ate the second shot. Third shot finally killed him. And that was BEFORE the great Foch nerf....
  3. Flipped my bulldog while driving down the 9 line in Ensk. It was a pretty flat area and I turned just ever so slightly and.... Flip. Never fired a shot... Tried the T67. Now THAT tank probably got the worst of it. Rolls over like a trained dog. I'm grinding through the tier 5/6 Czech line right now and I've seen a lot of fast mid-tier tanks laying on their sides. Nothing like circling a heavy, desperately trying to stay alive while hitting him for only 90 damage per shot, only to hit a small bump and flip over...
  4. Like others have said, it's just the dying spasms of a game that has: A. Gone stale B. Has some of the most retarded moderators I've ever seen. (Have you heard about the 750,000 russian fans that have boycotted putting any wot info on their sites because of wot's morbid fear of competition?)
  5. It's pretty short and if you have to, you can park it right beside most enemy heavy tanks and they can't hit you unless they have great gun depression. I don't recommend this unless you have no other choice, though. Your best bet is to use the camo, maneuverability and speed to maximum advantage. It's sort of like a T67 at tier 8: soft as Hell but able to carry if played to it's strengths.
  6. If you think the 416 is hard, wait until you get the 430-II. The 416 is a great little tier 8 with amazing gold pen.
  7. Well, there DOES seem to be about 50% more window-licking pros playing the game lately.... Hard to carry a team when it's 1 vs 12.....
  8. I find that the general attitude of the WG staff seems to be getting much worse with time. They are over-policing their forums to the point of stupidity, and their support staff are largely clueless. The RNG in the game is frustrating (how many times have you taken a kill shot on an enemy tank and rolled super-low, leaving them with less than 10 hp) Reading these forums, I'm starting to see a trend where longer-term players with good stats are being "picked on" by mods. Who the Hell wants to put up with bullshit like that?
  9. To me, is just another nail in the coffin for the game. I have about 14 tier 10 tanks, plus the 907, and I'm really not that interested in playing it anymore... It's too bad for them, as I did spend quite a lot of $$ on the game in the last 3 years...
  10. Where I live, $2k won't buy you anything that doesn't need at least $2k worth of repairs to make it road worthy. I see 8 year old cars going for $8-10k...
  11. I only have 3 marks on my T67... (Dirty sealclubber)
  12. lol but i still get those total retards that spam heat into my m41 from their WZ111's... game still operating as intended..... EDIT: After playing a few more games, I've come to the conclusion that there are far too many total incompetent retards playing the game now. It's not nearly as fun as it was a year or two ago.... It's truly amazing how many baddies there are in-game compared to even the slightly competent players now....
  13. I have (had) 0 (ZERO) warning points. Now it looks like I'm permanently banned from the forums, and it seems I have a permanent chat ban in-game. Suits me fine, at least the map pings and hotkey messages still work... I'll just turn chat off and I won't have to read all those retard messages about having stock tanks or asking where they should take their IS-6 when they only have 200 battles total... They probably would have kicked me if it wasn't for the $2-3k I've spent on this game in the last 3.5 years....
  14. Here's the warning: Warning Details Restriction was given for breaking the rule Perma - Misc in Profile. Ability to create content removed permanently. Suspended permanently Dear User, Your account has been permanently suspended for serious offenses of our legal documentation. Please contact Support with any questions or concerns that you may have. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. The NA Moderation Team Funny thing is, all I said was: "WG is nerfing their way out of business" Too bad it was such a grievous offense that they didn't even warn me or anything.....
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