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  1. Well I've only just reinstalled and started a new career mode, but I've already picked up 4 new Kerbals just from rescues. How many Kerbals do you have have in space right now?
  2. Swiss police just arrested some FIFA officials.

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    2. Constie


      Badass Swiss popo.

    3. TheRealNFK


      For U.S. extradition, Justice dept bringing racketeering charges

    4. Epic


      FIFA, so corrupt even the Swiss couldn't protect them any longer.

  3. "The dwarf lives until we find a cock merchant." --Tonight's GoT What? Do they have, like, a store? With dried or pickled cocks on the shelves?
  4. This is a great upgrade for WotLabs, Never, thank you. I can now analyze my mediocrity in granular detail. Current analysis indicates my career was beset by lack-of-damage-itis, which is a degenerative tanker's disease that worsens as tiers increase. Interesting sidenote: My only zero battles tank is a StuG III Ausf. B, which, if I remember correctly, I only purchased to use in a historical battle once or twice.
  5. What's the history of gold heists in WoT? Frequent, infrequent, biggest, most notorious, etc.
  6. Well, I'm finding I've had to relearn how to launch rockets correctly with the new aerodynamics. No more lazy full throttle to 10km then turn 45 degrees for the gravity turn. Actually had to dig out the old chart for correct speeds at different altitudes for fuel efficient ascent, and control inputs have to be limited to just a few degrees at a time or the rocket will nose over. It feels like it's tunneling through the atmosphere (which is not a bad thing). This means the turn has to start early and be very gradual.
  7. Okay, time to restart my badly managed space program.
  8. Seconding Patient0's Wotlab's origins question, and as a follow-up how did you ascend to power as the lead admin?
  9. Fallout 1 & 2 and also Baldur's Gate, although I will admit to heavy nostalgia bias. I also had a great time playing Neverwinter Nights with friends back in the day.
  10. I'd rather have the original theatrical releases available in HD.
  11. I like how the end of the video talks about tanks from the "far future," and some scifi thing with an over-and-under double barrel and some additional weapon pods rolls into the frame.
  12. That exact response was one of the hilarious plot elements of Neal Stephenson's novel REAMDE.
  13. So apparently they are thinking of taking away the autoloader or nerfing the gun stats. Any thoughts as to why they are considering this? Were the previous nerfs not enough to balance it? http://ritastatusreport.blogspot.nl/2015/03/insider-talks-wows-foch-155-nerf-and.html "There was a small debate on what to do with Foch 155. Proposed solutions are the following: -Keep the autoloader but nerf the gun stats badly (aimtime, bloom), by perhaps 20 percent; -Simply remove the autoloader, keep the gun as it is; -Replace the gun with tier 9 Foch's 120mm (but with autoloader) with "probab
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