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  1. So I started playing again and decided to give streaming a go. Feel free to stop by and say hi ^^ P.S I'm terrible, pls no bully P.P.S Any tips on how to make the channel better would be greatly appreciated <3
  2. Crapain is over, time to enjoy tea again
  3. Watching the stream and comparing to your SS (when the decision had to be made), there's a 12 seconds window that your 50b needed to be in a position to support you ... if the 2 mediums get a little ballsy and land 2 shots the enemy 50b would have shown up to finish you off while still behind the windmill with your tank between him and the other 50b partially/completely blocking shots for him, worst and most likely scenario here you get killed first then the 50b dies 20 seconds later to the meds/50b/arty.
  4. I'm not purple and can only speak from my personal experience in that exact situation, I always go behind the windmill to contest the hill hoping arty/allies will keep the enemies at bay ... so far my death rate in that spot within the minute or so is at 100%.
  5. I agree with most of what you said except for this one, well not exactly disagree but I think you kind of missed the point of "grinding a stock tank", once you get to t7-8 getting those first few upgrades isn't cheap anymore. For instance +20k for tracks alone, that's 400k normal xp, and assuming 500 avg xp per game that's 800 games, it gets worse with t9s especially if you choose to start a line with multiple gun upgrades and a turret (you played TDs).
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