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  1. where did the colors.xc go? can't download it
  2. i've been stuck on spg-15 for the t55a forever mainly trying it with the m53/55 with the small gun do i need to buy another spg to get this shit done?
  3. yea session stats aren't working for me either did you guys just drag everything in the folder into the new folder?
  4. weird, my sixth sense sound still doesn't work, minimap is fixed tho sounds.xc shows blank for "sixthSense": "", i'm assuming a .bnk file goes in between the "" ? nm, i tried replacing the res_mods folder fresh, as well as deleted the wargaming folder in appdata, didn't resolve it so i just uninstalled/reinstalled the game from scratch and it's fixed
  5. i read somewhere the nightly build of xvm fixes the minimap and 6th sense sound, you may want to try that
  6. damn no more melty's? been using that sight forever ugh...
  7. i was able to c/p the files over to the new folder, it lets me login fine but no tanks show up in my garage, it's just blank except for the t62 for the soccer thing heh. i dont get stuck like others tho.
  8. i'm @ work but have you guys just tried dragging everything into the new folder?
  9. did you remove battle assistant due to the phone home shit?
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