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  1. I used to hate them, then I realised that the enemy team has just as much idiots and that if I can't carry, I'm no better than them anyway. Oh, and also, they make the JgTiger88 absolute god mode at farming DPG and credits. Special event retards happily stay infront of your gun. It truely is bliss.
  2. Agreed about optics, even took the EGLD off my Tiger II in favour of them, makes a big difference in open maps, especially when I'm bottom tier.
  3. I don't understand how Neverwish, the all mighty creator of WotLabs... knows Jsnazz, of all people. it is depressing knowing that he's not a troll. I've actually been in love with jsanzz for a while because of how riled up he gets people, but if that's really him, then I am sad in humanity
  4. I use Rammer/EGLD/Optics. I know everyone says to snipe, but F that, just like my Tiger II, I'm an in-your-face brawler, mainly because I have no idea how to snipe in heavies.. Anyway, it's a great side scraper, (This tank taught me to sidescrape, using it against a T-54 for the 1st time) the mobility is pretty great IMO, it has a decent reload, and of course, it's accurate. The only downsides are the long aim time (not as long as the IS though), and the armour, which can only be reliable against 150 pen and under, unless you sidescrape. I only angle about 30' or so, so that my sides are stron
  5. Fair enough, I really did love the walking dead, guess I will have to give the last of us a try eventually.
  6. I've seen all the rave reviews and stuff, and people at my school are borrowing PS3s to play it, but I just don't understand what the fuss is about. I mean, Bioshock Infinite had the amazing story that blew my mind and stuff, so I understand the 10/10s, but TLoU just doesn't look too compelling. I guess I'll have to try it out for myself though to get a proper opinion.
  7. Got this yesterday while is was on sale (along with Natural Selection 2), very fun game. I got War of the Roses as well when it was on sale a week or two ago, but so far I'm liking Chivalry a lot more. Nothing like fending off attackers while your king is right behind you, trying to survive.
  8. So keen for this. I pre-ordered it yesterday. Only the normal edition though, because the catapult and board games/cards didn't appeal to me as much as Shogun 2's awesome samurai and art book.
  9. Well I'm still in highschool and play at very irregular hours, with varying playtimes (might do 1 match, or 10), so I just play solo. I have platooned for around 100 battles, half with a 49%er friends and the other half with two 53%er clan mates, and it was pretty fun, I remember winning all the matches with the 53%ers and doing terribly with my 49%er friend (believes W/R is luck).
  10. Like Kewei said, unicums can maintain ~70% give or take a couple %. I don't really consider myself to be a very good player to be honest, but I've maintained 60.6% over my past 1000 games, with 61.9% and 62.1% over 500 and 200 respectively. All solo of course. So if I 4k battle noob that still only has 1 legit tier 8 can maintain just above 60% (still rising of course ), then 70% should be possible as long as you have decent FPS and initiative to improve. (I've had ~250-300ms for most of this year due to server difficulties, so don't use ping as an excuse)
  11. I was going to quit WoT because of this patch, but after playing it, I'm in love. I started the Russian SPG line again, won 4/4 in SU-26, then unlocked SU-5(?) And went 2/2 without the top cannon. I did feel really dirty though, those poor SEAls had no chance against my (in my noob opinion) OP fists of god. And to make it better, the bads are flocking away. So I get to learn how to stay arty safe, whilst hitting almost all my shots, and when I run my tier 8 prems (SP,KV-5 & JgTg88) with less arty to fight. Great success WarGaming!
  12. I'd go optics for sure, makes a great difference with 400m+ tanks. Even took my GLD off my Tiger II and put optics, pretty good so far.
  13. I started grinding the SU arty line to spread the message here at SEA. Even with the nerfed SU-26 (got 8.6 2 days ago), and semi-stock SU-5, I rained down God's vengeance onto the poor SEAls, winning 6/6 matches. God I felt so dirty.
  14. I know, SEA got the patch 2 days ago, and the 62 is one of the tanks that keeps its shells for whatever reason.
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